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Why Does "The Law Of Attraction" Work For Everyone Else But You? No Amount Of Abundance Thinking Will Overcome Subconscious Programs That Keep You Poor, Sabotage Your Relationships, And Prevent You From Smashing Your Goals

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In This Free Training You'll Discover: 

  • How new natural supplements from Europe have "cracked the code" to breaking negative subconscious programs that keep you poor and frustrated.
  • Why the "body keeps score" and how migraines, sleep troubles, addictions, anxiety, and chronic fatigue can really be the results of subconscious programming associated with past trauma.
  • The dangerous “Just Change How you Think” mantra that really makes the Guru's rich but leaves you poor and lacking the power to really break your hardwired subconscious beliefs, attitudes and blocks. . .
  • Why the experiences of your parents may make you vulnerable to emotional troubles and how we can break these chains from the past.

About your host

Nick Fransen is a licensed acupuncturist and functional medicine specialist. He is the owner of Privia Natural supplements. For a decade he has helped over a thousand people overcome their negative subconscious blocks and past trauma without therapy. He has worked extensively with many doctors around the world including Dr. Thomas Rau, MD of the Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland, Reimar Banis, MD of Germany and several others. He was a lead clinician at the Hope 4 Cancer Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico and currently operates the Fransen Center for Advanced Medicine.

Discover New Supplements From Europe That Will Smash Those Feelings Of Low Self-Worth, Break The Chains Of Your Past And Reach Your Financial Goals So You Become That Person You Were Meant To Be.

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