Baden Baden Medicine Week Conference Highlights 2016 Part 1

April 26, 2022

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Baden Baden Medicine Week Conference Notes

The Baden-Baden Medical Week is the largest naturopathic medical Congress in the world, averaging 6000 attending specialists. Thanks to a good personal relationship with the former director, Dr. Ewald Fischer, we have been able to hold a PSE lecture conference there every year since 1999 (i.e. about 17 times with 6-7 speakers each time). Over the years, numerous impressive lectures have been given.

Since, for professional reasons, nonmedical practitioners unfortunately cannot gain admittance, and also since many PSE therapists simply don’t have the time to come to Baden-Baden, it has always been regrettable that many brilliant speeches have not had the audience that they actually deserve. Of course, audio recordings of the lectures can be ordered online afterwards, but they only impart a very limited impression, since the visual impact of the PowerPoint presentations is thereby lost.

It has recently become feasible to make videos of these lectures, and I took the opportunity this year to do so. This year’s lecture series has been videorecorded, and we will make these recordings available to society members over the next few months in the Expert’s Section of We also plan to make available a condensed and lay-accessible - 5 - version on YouTube for the general public. This way, everyone will have the opportunity to see and hear these important and often very impressive and beautiful PSE speeches in their entirety.

This year, our lecture series’ program was particularly impressive, with many brilliant high points:

The Berlin general practitioner and currently long-term consultant for the PSE Basic Seminars chose a challenging lecture theme with the title “PSE – A Key to Communication and Healing”. PSE can make patients aware of the unconscious and emotionally rejected elements of their essential nature, and thereby help them become more mindful and whole. It is important to note that the full complexity and depth of Dr. Müller’s impressive speech only becomes clear in the video – which one should definitely watch it!

The Austrian veterinarian Rudolf Hauck reported on “Psychosomatic Energetics: A Bridge between Human and Veterinary Medicine”. Pet owners often get involved in their pets’ ailments, and therefore both pet and master need treatment. Animals respond particularly well to PSE treatment because they are very open energetically.

The gynecologist Petra Ottmann – also a long-standing experienced PSE therapist as well as head trainer in the PSE Basic and Advanced Seminars – using interesting and typical cases from her practice, told how PSE can have a beneficial effect in everyday gynecological practice. She explained that there is no other comparable method which acts so comprehensively and holistically on mind and body. According to Ms. Ottmann, PSE is particularly valuable because of gynecology’s large psychosomatic component. -

The internist Martin Scharm, active in the areas of rheumatology and gastroenterology, talked about the “Successful Treatment of Chronic Inflammatory Intestinal Ailments Using PSE”. These include primarily Colitis ulcerosa and Morbus Crohn, two clinical pictures which, experience has shown, are particularly difficult to treat, both with internal mainstream medical techniques as well as naturopathic methods. In this area, PSE can be a great help, as Dr. Scharm illustrates on the basis of a number of impressive examples.

As the inaugurator of PSE, I sketched out its history for the lecture conference – which of course didn’t come out of nowhere, but rather builds upon a diversity of procedures. Here, the core idea of my talk was the broad equivalence/similarity between nosodes and storedup negative feelings (conflicts). For instance, my experience with Doctor/Dentist H. W. Schimmel, whom I worked with closely for many years, showed that profound healing results are possible using nosodes. These nosodes, in turn, as homeopathisized toxins, in my view most likely represent emotional conflicts in most cases. Dissolution of emotional blocks thus also leads to breaking through therapy blockages and to improvement or even healing of somatic ailments, just as with nosodes. But since nosodes energetically dissolve only some constituents of the conflicts, therapy using emotional agents is logically better. In this, the Chakras, as warehouses of this negative information, play an important role, as Schimmel had early on realized

. Volkmar Schwabe

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