Elizabeth F. - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Burnout, Anxiety Attacks

It is a great challenge for me to talk about myself. I will start by covering the current time in the clinic and then go backwards. I came to the Beverin Clinic in November 2012. My psychologist had recommended it to me because of my depression. I had post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. I wanted to die at that time.

In January 2012, I had a breakdown. Diagnosis: burnout. I then spent two months in a private clinic in Rheinfelden. There I became very aware of what I had suspected before: the fears had increased. Fears of going out among people. Fears of the idea of abuse, fears of the panic attacks.

After two months I was well adjusted with medication. But reacted highly sensitive to all noises and the panic attacks increased. People could trigger a panic attack in me. I often lost my bearings, had dizzy spells, wanted to die. All this weakened me so much that I was often physically and mentally weakened for days.

In the time until I came here to the clinic, my condition had initially improved somewhat. But the attacks were still there. But I had the feeling and the possibility to deal with them better.

For fear of re-traumatization, my psychologist did not want to and could not work with me on the causes of my complaints. I was also much too weak for that. Nevertheless, I noticed that at this point I needed less energy to cope with it all. But the anxiety and attacks were still there.

Nevertheless, the antidepressant was discontinued. Which - as it later turned out - was too soon for me. The fears increased again. Long before that, in 2011, I had a complete breakdown. I could no longer walk, so I had a shock. I just screamed: I can no longer walk.

Although this was actually not new for me. It was already very bad in 2006. Often I could no longer walk during panic attacks, once I could no longer speak, I had extreme word-finding problems. Physical symptoms included stomach problems, sleep disturbances, intestinal problems, diffuse tension throughout the body, pain when moving.

record. But the doctors had not found a cause for it. In 2007, I was given an antidepressant by my family doctor for the first time. Then in 2012, as I mentioned, I came to the Beverin Clinic as part of my death wishes.

Until my breakdown, I was a human resources manager, responsible for 120 employees. Of course, that was very stressful. Six months before my breakdown, I had already signaled to my boss that it was all getting too much for me. But I just kept on working, didn't really feel myself anymore. Before working in HR management, I was a chief laboratory technician in a private laboratory, and before that a medical laboratory technician.

I now come to my family: We are six children, I am the second youngest. I had only known my mother sick since I was born, she has been dead for over 20 years. I always had the feeling that my mother didn't want me, never had a good relationship with her, never trusted her. For a special reason I'm going to make a little digression and come right back to the mother.

I had a serious car accident in 2003, was unconscious, had whiplash. After that it really started with the fears. First in the car as a passenger, then the fears became generalized. Because of the car accident, I then did hypnosis therapy in 2006 in the hope of being able to deal with the fears better. During the hypnosis it came out that my mother wanted to abort me. So at least I knew why I never trusted her and felt she didn't want me.

We were always in chaos, mother suffered from migraines and depression. I was also always sickly and sensitive. When I was sick and on vacation, I had to go to grandmother's house. That's when the abuse happened, with the grandmother's boyfriend. That happened between my fifth and seventh year. My two big themes in this respect are mother and abuse. Despite everything, professional success has always flown my way.

And I have also been lucky in life. Great luck. I have been married for 20 years. My husband carries me, gives me peace. Rest is existential for me. He is simply there for me. I never have the fear that he would leave me in one of my crises, I never have to worry about him. He doesn't give me advice either, but I can ask him.

I also had a good relationship with my father. That's why I can trust men despite my bad experiences. The most important things have now been said. My issues were post-traumatic stress disorder due to the abuse and the mother relationship. There were massive physical issues associated with this. I am still on medication for sleep and an antidepressant.

On 12.11.2012 I had the first contact with PSE. Doctor von Blumenthal applied it. The themes of the first PSE test were: Confined and Constraints. It was very interesting for me that the PSE testing made me aware of my issues in a certain way, but I couldn't do anything with the topic of "compulsions" at first, I didn't want to have those as well.

That rather confused me at first. The PSE testing also confirmed that I have a high sensitivity to my surroundings. I perceive more than the average. This has been the case since I was a child. I have always been able to recognize psychological suffering in others.

At the next PSE testing on 3/4/2013, the main themes were: at the mercy and helpless. In January 2013 I had started a Logosynthesis therapy with Dr. von Blumenthal. The topic at the next PSE testing in May 2013 was then: tense. This suits me very well. And the corresponding homeopathic treatment within the framework of PSE has really helped me. I learned during this time: you always have to be patient, nothing happens overnight.

I took the homeopathic drops of PSE therapy for a long time. My tensions became less, I had no more pain, as for example before in my hands. The test in January 2014 showed a lack of concentration. I have already mentioned that I suffered from word-finding disorder and lack of concentration. In 2012, I started further education, which I clung to like a straw:"Psychological Competence in Conversation and Counseling."I wanted to start this further training even before my breakdown.
After treating my lack of concentration, I was able to successfully complete this training. In August 2014, the next PSE testing revealed: scared. I had a generalized anxiety disorder, this is now massively better. That's why I have a lot more energy now.

The last test was in March 2015 and the subject was tense.
I already had that in March 2013, the issue had obviously come back. From March to May 2015, the tensions were again quite bad. Now I have the feeling it is now much better. I have now dealt with this issue very strongly and hope that this is now the last time (she laughs liberated).

I have always written down the positive solution sentences of the individual PSE sessions. They are handy by my bed. That calms me down, helps me relax, helps me overall. Overall, I feel much, much better now. I can really concentrate. I've processed and looked at a lot of things, but it's not all really good yet.

Author: But you give me a very relaxed impression in this conversation. Yes, that is true. I have not worked until now. But I started a coaching training in 2003, which I am now continuing. In addition, I am now starting the Logosynthesis training, which I got to know with Mrs. von Blumenthal. The Logosynthesis therapy and the PSE drops were always hope-giving for me, showed me my topics, which were always acute.

Now I am on the way to self-employment, from September 1 I will work as a consultant and coach. Leading conversations is my strength. But I wouldn't have thought I could do that at all in the past. Everything has become so much easier. I say to myself: it has happened!I have learned so much about myself and my body during this time, sharpened my perception.

I live in a very good environment, I can continue my education, I want to learn. Everything is good. We learn many times and certainly most from the hard things. Now I am looking forward to my future. Two years ago, I wouldn't have been able to say that at all. I didn't know how I would get through the day.

Actually, I am a very humorous person, which helps me. I can also laugh at myself. That's why many people who knew me were surprised that I have depression.

What I have also learned is to be grateful and enjoy the moment. I am deeply grateful that I came to such a good clinic with PSE therapy, everything could have turned out quite differently.

Chronically Ill? LIFE AND HEALING REPORTS About the Effectiveness of Psychosomatic Energetics Healing (PSE) by Volkmar Schwabe

Marcello Moser - Depression and Panic Attacks

Dr. Suzanne von Blumenthal, the director of the clinic and psychiatric network in Graubünden, who- as mentioned at the beginning - has turned this network into an international model of modern, open psychiatric work with incredible verve, introduces Marcello Moser to me.

She is at the same time his personal therapist, with whom he has built up a very great trust. It was only because of this trust in her that he agreed to be available for an interview with me. There stands a huge giant of me, as they say: a guy like a tree. To me, at least, he seems as if he were almost two meters tall, has huge shoulders.

And after thinking for a while longer, he willingly began to tell:

We were eight brothers and sisters, and as a child I always had to work on the mountain pasture. We had no money at all, were very poor. The father was a machinist. I had my difficulties at school. Then I did an apprenticeship as a carpenter and worked in construction. Then I became a construction machine driver for the municipality. When I was 22, I started my own business cutting wood.
I worked piecework in the forest and helped at the ski lift. I got married when I was 27. Until then I had always drunk a lot of alcohol. Since the day I got married, I no longer drink. I have kept it up until today. Our marriage produced four children. A month ago we got divorced. All our property now belongs to my wife. I do not want to have the right to property over my wife's children. That is why we are only formally divorced, we continue to live together. But the ownership is clarified as I just told you. That was important to me.

I lost my father and brother. I am a very sensitive person and have never digested this. I then worked very very hard and fell into a deep hole. At first, a heart attack was suspected, but it was depression. Ten years ago, I went to my family doctor, who sent me to Dr. Blumenthal. I was given medication, there was a lot of talking, then I was well again.6-7 years later I was acutely very bad again. My wife was a psychiatric nurse, she noticed that something was wrong with me.

I always felt I had heart problems. Five years ago I had heart surgery, an ulcer in the ventricle. This was followed by severe attacks again and again. It starts in the stomach, I become restless, start sweating, become disoriented, like a maniac. Such an attack always lasts a week. I then feel as if I am going crazy. Triggers are always excitement and anger. Also the deaths in the family. I have a great fear of death.

Now I always notice when I get such an episode. I can then suppress it with medication. However, these relapses are becoming less and less frequent due to the treatment with the drops. (Author's note: PSE high potencies).The most important thing in my life was that I met Mrs. Blumenthal. We had many conversations. She has such a device with which she measures me at regular intervals. (Author's note: The Reba testing device as the basis of PSE input testing).And then I always get different drops. (see above)They are very good for me. I always take them in the morning at six, I am very consistent.

Some time ago I had another episode, but I can fix it immediately with the medications. Before, I couldn't concentrate, was exhausted after the attacks, didn't sleep a wink for three or four nights. I always had the feeling that someone was following me. And now I have a firm grip on it. If something's wrong, I can call Ms. Blumenthal. I have complete trust in her(He emphasizes linguistically and with gestures:) The be-all and end-all with fear is trust in the doctor

A year ago, I could never have talked to you like this. I am no longer afraid. Not even of the attacks anymore. I hope that I can grow old like this. I now only do what I like to do. I have put stress aside. The worst time will be again from November to January. Darkness, fog, I have extreme problems there. I hope that the drops will make it less and less.

I have in mind to go to the sea in winter. Could you afford to do that? I need little for myself, have my camper to live in. Winter here is bleak, caught between two walls of snow.(Author's note: M. Moser no longer works, is probably an early retiree. Has very little money).In August I have my PSE test with Dr. Blumenthal again. There I get my next ration of drops again. After that I will go hunting again, because I know that I will be fine then.

The worst were always my colleagues at work." Such a strong man," they said. And: "you just don't want to work anymore".That offended me very much. I then always hid away, didn't want any contact. I suffered tremendously and could not change anything. Now I look at the people. I can talk about everything normally with my wife. I don't want to have anything to do with bigwigs. If I go to a restaurant and have the feeling that someone has something against me, I leave.

The mistrust because of my bad experiences remains.(He emphasizes:) As I said: the trust in the doctor must be right. You always need the person you can call. My uncle had schizophrenia, but I didn't inherit it after all. The crazy thing is, you don't look at anything. No one can see inside the little brain.

That was a bad time. I shed a lot of tears. I only had my wife and Dr. von Blumenthal. You don't wish this time on anyone. I read a lot, even did yoga. When I notice that I am not in a good mood, I leave the car. I don't drink alcohol anymore because of the medication. After the treatment with Mrs. Blumenthal, I walked the Way of St. James. Twice. 20-30 km a day.

The silence, the stillness really did me a lot of good. I got back in balance with myself. My wife walked with me. We were five people. For 14 days we ran like a family My wife has already helped me a lot. Anyone else would have left. I have to take my hat off. Before, I was nothing more. Now I do the garden, the flowers. But only what I like to do.

That is my story, which cost many tears. I could not have done it without Dr. von Blumenthal. I would steal horses with her. She is so warm, you are not a number. She is interested in your life. I can call her anytime. I am so grateful that I had the good fortune to meet her.

Author's comment: That was it! That was one of the most touching interviews I have done. If you want to talk about "interview" at all. This is understandable because - as noted at the beginning- is not the kind of person who makes big speeches. This whole conversation was also extremely halting, he always had to take breaks to think and especially to keep his composure again and again or to regain it.

It was tremendously impressive to me how he struggled with himself and how he was nevertheless willing to pour out this tough life before me. That touched me very much. And I am very grateful for that.I very deliberately did not tweak this interview transcript, did not change anything, did not embellish the language. I did not put it into logical contexts, but rather reproduced his information virtually verbatim. Due to his rather slow way of speaking, I was able to take everything down very well. Many conversations I will report on will be much more detailed, much more eloquent.

But the conversation  was one that particularly went to my heart. I grew to love him. That is also the reason why I have placed this conversation at the beginning of the series of patient conversations. He is incredibly lucky to have met Dr. von Blumenthal and thus PSE.

As you could see from the report of it was a very lengthy treatment for him, which started ten years ago, but then after a longer break he has been treated with the method of PSE for about three years. However, he has been only in the post-treatment and stabilization phase for quite some time.

Those who are interested in PSE in detail will find in the appendix to this book also exemplary a collection of PSE treatment protocols, which Dr. Suzanne von Blumenthal has made on the basis of the respective PSE measurements with the Reba test device.

This will also give you a more intensive insight into the special PSE systematics is one of the many patients I had the pleasure to meet and talk to in the Psychiatry Association Graubünden in Cazis, Switzerland. All of them were cured of their extremely serious illnesses, mostly depression and panic attacks. And each of them confided this to me in an impressive form and openness.

Chronically Ill? LIFE AND HEALING REPORTS About the Effectiveness of Psychosomatic Energetics Healing (PSE) by Volkmar Schwabe

Paula Stein- Depression and Burnout

I grew up and went to school in Chur. I have a brother who is two years younger. my father is a butcher and my mother is a housewife and druggist. It was always tight financially, but I experienced my childhood positively. My mother in particular was very devoted to me. But the brother was always preferred!

I ask myself today: have I already become ill in this context? The father had alcohol problems, it was it came to the divorce of the parents. I then worked as an au pair in Ticino, did an apprenticeship as a druggist. My brother became a radio and television mechanic. After the apprenticeship I moved out of home and had my first boyfriend at19. Then I worked as a druggist for 13 years.

In 2001, my mother fell very seriously ill with pancreatic cancer. I was then in the hospital every day, was also quite exhausted. Pure stress. After the operation she was very well for half a year, then she died at the age of 58.After that, I stopped working as a druggist in 2003 because I couldn't take it anymore. I was very debilitated. I had been with a man for 13 years, but that no longer worked. The work was also too much for me.

In November 2002 I started a training course, a sales training. From that day on my stomach problems started, I got chronic stomach problems with great pain, chronic gastritis, reflux. I am a rather anxious person. My sleeping problems became more and more extreme. Also the problems with my boyfriend became bigger and bigger. I didn't want to take sleeping pills, so I didn't sleep for six weeks during this time.

In the drugstore, I had then quit in 2003 - as mentioned. But that wasn't a solution either. I then found another job in a boutique. I was supposed to do a training course here as well, but I couldn't concentrate on anything anymore. I had the feeling that I would collapse. After one week I quit this job again. I see this as me having pulled the emergency brake myself.

In March 2003 I went to the doctor to be admitted. I was admitted to the Psychiatric Services of the Grisons in Chur. I had an exhaustion depression. I was in the clinic for three months. Took tablets for the first time. I could sleep again, but couldn't get out of bed in the morning. I always have the tendency to control everything. With another medication, things got better for me very quickly. At the end of May I was discharged from the clinic and looked for an apartment.

In August I found a new job in the drugstore of a former colleague. I worked there for three years. Was alone in these three years, without a partner. Those were very good years, my best. Then I met a man 20 years older. I was totally addicted to him, he had something very special. My first partner was a big egoist according to the motto: first I come. My new partner read my every wish from my eyes, brought me flowers every week.

After half a year, however, this got on my nerves, it took away my breath, something was hanging over me. He was still married. The shared apartment was too cramped, so a new apartment was bought. Then it started again. I could not sleep again. Everyone said to me, you have such a good husband. I couldn't enjoy anything anymore, didn't want to do anything. My husband had no understanding for it.

My attending physician, his family doctor, had no idea about depression. I was only prescribed pills, three different medications for sleeping, nothing helped. Then I came back to the psychiatric clinic in Chur. For six weeks. It did not get better. I had the feeling that at that time they didn't know what to do with me. I remember the sentence, "if you don't get it together now, you'll never get it together again." I then went back home. Against the advice of the doctors. Things got a little better again, I needed only a few tablets, received psychiatric care from a nurse once a day.

He made me aware that my husband was not doing me any good. My husband refused my care. I only watched TV, was always on sick leave. And then it got worse again. Again to the doctor, again new tablets. The doctor said that I only had a chance in a clinic in the canton of Thurgau. This clinic was specialized in burn-out. I resisted, my partner didn't want that at all, he was afraid that he would lose control. I finally prevailed and went to the clinic.

Everything was very cozy, a lot of wood, it was in the forest. Already on the first day I found likeminded people, I felt really understood. The therapies did me a lot of good. Although the tablets were not reduced, they were taken on my own responsibility. I felt much better, but I still could not sleep.

After three months I met someone from Chur there and fell in love. During the months of hospitalization, I had not missed my husband. I realized he was not good for me. I then lived in my new boyfriend's apartment on weekends, and during the week I lived with my brother, I then looked for work again and found it in a furniture store. I moved into a larger apartment with my boyfriend and was with him for two years. I only lasted one year at the furniture store, I put too much pressure on myself again.

As a perfectionist, I don't want to make any mistakes, I don't want to disappoint anyone. In addition, the pressure of turnover. My boyfriend also worked in the furniture store, he was always behind me. New depression followed, a new therapist, so that this time the depression got under control without a clinic. I was on sick leave for half a year, then looked for work again. In 2008 I started to work again. In a fashion store, worked 60% part-time.

Then in 2009 we got married and I had a good phase. Didn't need any medication, just a stomach protector and acid blockers. The pressure in the fashion business increased again, I needed more and more energy. I looked three times a day to see where I stood in terms of sales. Then it started again. I couldn't sleep again. My only thought: not again! I was put on sick leave again, then terminated.

My husband was still behind me in this. Despite the financial losses. I knew this time that it couldn't be my husband's fault. However, at that time I had problems with my ex-husband's child. Everything together led to new depressions again in August 2011. My husband did not want me to go to the clinic again. But I knew: I have to go to the clinic, I could not anymore! Now I came to the Beverin Clinic, everything had to happen very quickly. After five weeks, it had not gotten any better. My fellow patients went to the ward room for me to get help, because they could hardly bear my suffering themselves. I cried from early morning until late at night, I did not feel well cared for.

After five weeks, my roommates said: you go to the clinic director now, this is your chance. I then approached her when I met her and told her my case described. She said "come to my office on Monday, together with your husband".

The clinic director, Dr. von Blumenthal, just had a therapy place available. As a result, I had the impression that everything was going to be all right now, it had "clicked". I was no longer afraid. The medication was changed, Dr. von Blumenthal offered me Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) to support the treatment. However, I did not really believe in it at that time. I am not a friend of homeopathy, already from working in the drugstore.

But I agreed, somehow I was hoping for some basic help at last. But that was primarily due to the personality of the clinic director. All the values of the first PSE test were catastrophic. I then started taking the drops prescribed by Dr. von Blumenthal, despite my existing doubts. At Christmas, I was able to sleep well again for the first time, was at home.

I then organized a reasonably regular daily routine, went running every day in a disciplined manner. Within the framework of the PSE therapy with Dr. von Blumenthal and the homeopathic PSE drops prescribed by her, things improved significantly. I was still on sick leave for a year until the end of 2012. "You need to recover". Then from January to March 2013 I was only on 50% sick leave and went back to the drugstore, and was only on 40% sick leave after that. Financially it was always tight, but I haven't had a relapse since then.

I am still taking the PSE drops. In the summer of 2014, my husband initially separated from me. He would have come too short. My husband had changed. He was ten years younger than me and I felt more and more that I had to take care of a child. In the summer of 2014 it was really bad. He had cheated, but I had forgiven him everything. But in March 2015 he became violent. I fled to colleagues, the police were called in, then came the divorce. We were together for eight years, seven of which were great. I was 100% active in shoe sales again since then. I liked it very much.

But slowly I realized again that the divorce was weighing very negatively on me. Exactly at that time my father had died, with whom I had a good relationship in the meantime. This last half year was a complete madness: the divorce, the move, a new job, the father died. Cooperation with colleagues was not working well either. And despite these heaped stresses, which I would never have been able to cope with before, I continue to do well. I still continue to take the PSE drops.

Only my stomach problems I still have. The PSE treatment lasted from 2011 until the end of 2014. my central problem, my sleeping  problems, got massively better during this time. I also got a different, more positive attitude  towards things, the negative spirals of thinking had dissolved. I believe very strongly that this was  the effect of PSE.

I would recommend this to anyone. But the extreme trust in Dr. von Blumenthal was probably decisive. I consider it a huge miracle that I didn't fall into a hole during these extreme last stresses. And that also gives me great hope for the future.

Chronically Ill? LIFE AND HEALING REPORTS About the Effectiveness of Psychosomatic Energetics Healing (PSE) by Volkmar Schwabe

Mrs. Helen Steffen-Graf - Chronic Fatigue, Burnout and Truama

I am a child from a Swiss mountain farming family. The only girl of five children. Life in this family of origin had a great impact on the rest of my life. I can remember back to my third year, I was already working there, I got many orders regarding my siblings.

My oldest brother lost his hearing when he was four years old, which meant that from the age of two I had to help him retain his speech. Speaking was practiced for hours every day, so I was able to read and write by the time I was four or five. That had opened up the world to me even as a small child. The writing helped me to get out of the narrow world, I felt narrow and exotic in my family. I was aura-sighted at an early age and could read thoughts, which does not always make life easier.

I saw that there was a lot of dark energy in my family of origin, always wanted to bring it to light. Experienced as a toddler already the mission to lead people into the light. With my family, however, that was the hardest. My four years younger brother had a very difficult birth, from the age of four he was mentally ill. The oldest brother went to the school for the deaf, I took care of him. I had a deep inner relationship with him. We had developed our own language. I wanted to use it to help him integrate into the family.

This own language was toneless, so that not everyone could hear everything. Sign language was forbidden at that time. The hands were tied together. So we learned to speak without any sound. A very rare ability. We grew up feeling 100 years back. Had no water in the house, no machines, a single stove, 1,000 m high in Appenzell country. In winter we all slept together in the living room, because otherwise there would have been the danger of freezing to death. The region is very prudish. There is a love of the heart that cannot be shown physically.

Mom has always been afraid of ghosts and the dark, put me in front of her as her protection. The mother had noticed that I could communicate with the spirits. With four to five years, I already had to fully assume the role of mother. For example, cooking and putting the brothers to bed. My youngest brother came into the world when I was six years old. I had to replace mom for him more and more. Mother was very emotionally overbearing: "if you don't do this, I'll be very sad".

I absolutely loved my father, who unfortunately suffered from very advanced dementia. I loved going to school, I was already very developed. Then, against the will of my parents, I had succeeded in going to secondary school. I moved out when I was 17, took my life into my own hands. My refuge was always nature. Often I spent the night in the forest, the parents did not notice. I was never afraid, because I communicate with the beings that others do not see.

I then went to a special school for behavioral problems for a year as an intern. That was very hard, because the oldest children there were almost as old as me. But I didn't achieve my goal of becoming a kindergarten teacher. After that, I worked for a year and a half in all kinds of fields. In handicrafts, in hospitals, looking after children.

A dentist couple who were friends of mine then took me in. Subsequently, I was able to complete an internship and received an apprenticeship contract as a dental assistant. At that time, there were no Swiss women in dental hygiene. The dental hygiene school cost an incredible amount of money. The doctor's family gave me an interest-free loan for it. I went to this school when I was 20. But I had problems with my self-confidence, I was blocked. Because my parents always said: you can't do it.

But I made it! I did an internship in Bern in a clinic on all wards. In Bern I also met my ex-husband, normally I could not get a connection. Although he was unsympathetic to me, I didn't dare to say no. I didn't have the courage. I married him anyway. My husband was sick and addicted. He wanted children just for prestige. I had a daughter. But my husband's addiction got worse and worse. Three years later my son came. This marriage was the worst chapter of my life. My husband was destructively ill, against himself and others.

A year and a half after my son was born, I divorced him because he had beaten the son. I couldn't let him break the healthy children as well. The family of doctors who were friends then moved out. They were the first in Switzerland to work holistically. Appenzell still has its own health care system and the highest density of dentists in the world. But at outrageous prices. I could not come to terms with that.

I had learned to work energetically on the teeth was very reliable in detecting damage. To this day, I am very good at finding the energetic connection to the organs. Bio-resonance tests always agreed with my own results.33I was able to make a living as a single parent because I had the best-paid female job in Switzerland. I was able to open the door to the world for my children. I wanted to raise them to be independent. I think I succeeded in that. My 25-year-old daughter is a hotel and tourism clerk, my 22-year-old son a landscape gardener.15 years ago I moved back to my parents' farm, 400 years old. For rent. The main reason was that my son is an absolute nature person.

The doors are always open there. On weekends, there are regularly 18-20 people with me. I worked like a sap so that I could finance everything. I kept up with everything. I just rotated. The six children of my brothers were with me every day. I had lived in true multi-generational understanding.

Nine years ago, I was in a very serious car accident. A man crashed into me without braking and flattened me. He had a fight with his wife. Total loss. I had a very severe whiplash injury, could no longer read, could no longer write, could no longer distinguish right from left, was constantly in danger.

My life was suddenly totally changed. I panicked when I realized that I could no longer read. I could no longer work in my profession. Since the accident nine years ago, I still exercise the brain. I notice the damage to the brain every day. I had to build up a completely new memory, a new network. New things can only be absorbed with great difficulty.

Then came the fight with the insurance company: I was a malingerer, too lazy to work. To this day, the workers' compensation insurance has paid nothing. Suddenly I had to learn again to get by with almost nothing.

I could no longer organize appointments, was often in the wrong place at the wrong time, often had no idea where I was. It was a terrible state of affairs. My whole system was on the fritz. My family of origin didn't believe anything, always just put pressure on me. I then set up childcare for small children in the courtyard. They were there four to five days a week. They also stayed overnight when their mothers were away on business. Everything was based on the motto: "Idyll on the farm. That was very strenuous, but it also gave me pleasure.

I was physically and mentally worse and worse, suffering from insane exhaustion. The brain training was insanely exhausting. After ten minutes of training I fell asleep, otherwise I would have fainted, which is what happened. Twice at the farm, twice at the train station. I was sorted into the "addiction" drawer. I was desperate: you have to be able to do this! But as soon as I came under pressure, nothing was possible. Before, I was perfectly capable of multitasking.

My mentally ill brother had killed himself two years after the accident, 40-year-old. He had hung himself. I had previously prevented his suicide attempts. He had not been able to stand his life anymore, often could not speak for months. I had told him that I would not save him anymore, that he had to decide about his life himself. We then prepared his farewell together. From the time he was twelve years old, it was my caregiver.34He was poisoned by the drugs, but they had not helped. That's why I swore I would never let myself be poisoned by medication.

I can still see his aura, his smile, he was a very fine person. In the family of origin, the house of cards collapsed, it changed a lot. Because the family's credo was always: you'll manage. But my brother was often hidden in his room for months. By the way, the Appenzell region has the highest suicide density in Europe. From the healer's point of view, I see it in such a way that the people could not connect with the present time, they still live in the Middle Ages. I see in this region dark, sticky things that cling to the people.

Here in Cazis I realized that these people do not want to connect with the new time, they steadfastly refuse, they want to stay in their time. I see my brother in the light and I am connected with him. Then a new man came into my life, twelve years older. He had lost his wife to suicide. I wanted to give him time to work through his grief, so we were good friends for a year and a half. He wanted more, and after a year and a half I felt the same way. He then moved in with me, found peace with me again, learned to sleep with me again. His wife had severe depression, but they had never talked about it seriously. On the outside, it was a perfect family.

My partner complained about me to my family because I would argue. That's right. In my opinion, this is part of partnership. Otherwise you stop. But he did not know that. My family showed solidarity with him. They said it was bad that I was torturing him. I was insulted with power. My family was totally unsolidaric, expelled me. I felt alone and left standing, lost. I had tremendous pressure to pass exams because of the retraining that had been forced on me by the insurance company. Everything collapsed until I absolutely collapsed myself.

I was no longer able to take my T-shirts out of the closet. I became afraid of being poisoned by the medication in the psychiatric ward. I had to protect myself from myself, was at the end of my strength. Had a longing for liberation. But I was not suicidal, that is not in my nature. But I would be able to turn off a heart. I didn't know what to do, but I knew that I wouldn't go to a clinic like my brother. If there were no complementary services in Switzerland, I would have to organize them.

My friend worked at the Beverin Clinic and said there was something like that there. But I was afraid that this would be rather esoteric things, of which I think nothing. I then went to a conventional doctor, my family doctor, but also a dear friend of mine. There was a good relationship of trust because he had confided in me about his teeth.35I then looked at various clinics, including day clinics. Then I liked the Beverin Clinic the best, because the complementary offer and the PSE were described concretely in the homepage. I could see that energy, that was right for me.

All therapies have made an impression on me. And the fact that there is a chief physician who practices complementary medicine is unique in Switzerland. Only in Basel there should still be something like that, but not so in depth. Since my family had absolutely withdrawn, I moved out three years ago and into a block of flats, 10 km away. At first, that did me a world of good. But I was all alone, my son had stayed in the house. He said: Mommy, do it, save yourself!I was incredibly homesick for the forest, for the animals, for the stove, suddenly felt completely alone. I could no longer work. Those were infinitely long and lonely days.

The closer it got to completing the retraining, the more I felt burnout. I had only fully concentrated on school until it was no longer possible at all. In the stress of exams, it got worse and worse. I then admitted myself to the Beverin Clinic. This was possible because I have semi-private insurance, also for complementary methods. So I also had direct access to the head physician, Dr. von Blumenthal.

But with the psychiatrist initially assigned to me, it didn't work at all. Psychotherapies, group therapies, none of that was right for me. I then rejected this doctor, which caused a big uproar. The doctor was shocked and took it personally. But that brought me directly to the head physician. I informed her that I was only there because of her complementary offers.

So that it then came to PSE testing. I then had only individual therapies, accompanied by complementary medicine. I was in the Beverin Clinic for four months from November 2013. Since I had worked with homeopathy in dentistry, I know that it works for me.

The PSE has worked for me totally well, I came absolutely to rest. I was in nature and silence. I felt comfortable among the mentally ill people because I saw their past. Dr. von Blumenthal told me that I was so sick and exhausted that I would need one to three years of outpatient treatment. But I would be absolutely healthy again and able to work. She said I was in a deep burnout and depressive crisis, but not really mentally ill. She also worked with me not related to an illness, but to my recovery.

The results that Dr. von Blumenthal put on paper coincided exactly with what I saw. Then a conventional medicine was added because I was missing a neurotransmitter in the brain. One fifth of the usual dose was absolutely sufficient for me.

Together with the PSE drops, I changed completely within four months and was able to say "no" to my family for the first time. "Now she's crazy," was the reaction.3637Now in the fall it's been two years since I started my own business. I initially worked 50%, by the end of the year it is 80%. Have teamed up with colleagues as a dental hygienist. My right/left coordination is working again. A little slower, I help myself with mnemonic devices. Writing now again almost without errors. Reading goes concentrated for half an hour. Increased from original 10 seconds. I had to learn to read again from zero. It all sounds wonderful to me today.

In addition, I work as a healer with the second leg. This is what I had wished for. This has now generated so much demand that I hardly come to the dental treatment. Children and animals have always had a place in my professional life. I treat dogs on the bit without anesthesia, they let me do it. Now I am starting a project together with PSE. I now refer patients to PSE therapists. This is a wonderful bridge for people. I have insane joy to have come to know this. Orthodox medicine simply does not understand that soul and body must always be treated together.

I now also offer ten-day courses for body, mind and soul to release the mental blocks. PSE has opened the door to the fact that all this is possible.

Chronically Ill? LIFE AND HEALING REPORTS About the Effectiveness of Psychosomatic Energetics Healing (PSE) by Volkmar Schwabe

Mr. Albert Bareuther - Anxiety and Fatigue

Before I talk about my PSE experiences, I'll first tell you about myself. My parents got married late, at the age of 37 and 38. My father is a lawyer, my mother his secretary. I was always very encouraged by my parents.

In 2013 I took my Matura, then moved to the French- speaking part of Switzerland and studied law. My free time is characterized by fitness and hiking. So I once walked the Switzerland traverse. I like to travel, work a lot for my studies and sleep a lot, need my eight hours.

When I was 15, I went to Oxford for a month. That was a cornerstone in my life, I felt grown up for the first time. I had to and was allowed to organize everything myself. That had a huge impact on me. After graduating from high school, I walked the 200 km from Assisi to Rome. This bonded me especially with my girlfriend, I learned tolerance. Two years ago I moved to Fribourg, since then I also organize everything myself. I now have a partner in Zurich. So I'm constantly switching back and forth between the girlfriend, the partners and the parents. I always need people around me.

My principle has always been that I value time more than material things. It is important for me to keep the joy of life, to be there for others. Contentment is like a path for me. I try to stay on this path and thereby put my own suffering into perspective.

Now for the PSE: My mother had a burnout five years ago. I think I was probably partly to blame, was very disrespectful at that time. But she was fit again very quickly after the PSE treatment, now nothing knocks her down. Then my father also did a PSE treatment for his battered energy balance. Because both parents had such extremely good experiences with PSE, they recommended that I also do it once, without any direct indication for it. But maybe also to treat my exam anxiety. Since I am always very open to everything, also and especially to complementary medicine, and since Dr. von Blumenthal is also a conventional physician, I thought that this could not be a flop. Some conflicts were then resolved for me, especially my exam anxiety.

In this respect, PSE, which I have been doing for a year, has also had a very calming effect on me. My energy level has gone up, I feel psychologically better, I have my emotions under better control.

This also has an effect on my environment, because I am stronger now. I used to have a more negative attitude and was exhausted more quickly. I now feel more powerful overall.

I also have my psychological conflicts. But not so overly burdensome, I feel I am on a good path. After the PSE treatment with the drops, my overall well-being has increased.

Chronically Ill? LIFE AND HEALING REPORTS About the Effectiveness of Psychosomatic Energetics Healing (PSE) by Volkmar Schwabe

Mrs. Gabby Brandt- Childhood Trauma, Fear, Tumors

I was born n 1962 as the third child of my parents. My two sisters are four and five years older. We lived in grandma's house, located on the edge of the forest, with a large garden. Our apartment in the attic was actually too small for five people.  

We had to move in close together. My mom always moved the furniture around so that there was always variety. She made sure we had a nice home. My father was a civil servant, a government inspector, and my mom was a hairdresser. Both were outgoing and open. Dad was an alcoholic. He spent a lot of money on himself, which the family then lacked. Mom also often went to private homes, doing hair, to supplement the household money. She therefore often had a tight schedule, was on the road a lot. She probably also needed the variety and the connection to other people. She was popular and well-liked.

When Dad drank (and always out of the house, in pubs, at skat games or at the morning pub), he was unpredictable. He became choleric and aggressive, he would scream and rage, break dishes and occasionally hit our mom. We were always afraid of the moment when he came home. Is he peaceful or quick- tempered? Grandma lived in the house, but was no help. She was very controlling and bossy. She also did not make the situation easier, especially for mom.

Thus, a quiet harmonious family life was less known to us. But thanks to Mama, our childhood was also beautiful! Mom kept the family together. She endured a lot and protected us as best she could. At 41, she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I was just ten years old. A total operation and radiation treatment followed. Mom changed, she was often melancholic and often cried.

I was very difficult during puberty. Mom in particular had to put up with it. At school, things didn't always go smoothly, and my career prospects were unclear. I would have liked to learn a trade, such as car mechanic. I was technically gifted and interested, but this career choice was not yet possible for a girl at that time. Socially minded, I decided to become a kindergarten teacher. Due to my outgoing, helpful and open nature, which I possessed despite all the difficult experiences, close friendships also developed without me.

My best friend at the time and her parents' house were models for me. Here, community took place, harmony and appreciation. Sitting together at a table and talking about God and the world, listening to what the other person had to say, accepting different opinions without going at each other, the feeling of being something special. I have been able to put these special experiences into my life suitcase here. I have a lot to thank them for.

To experience the understanding that was shown to my friend was unbelievable for me. How different our lives were. I had to earn my driver's license, vacation time, and everything else through jobs in addition to school. She, on the other hand, only had to concentrate on school. I spent a lot of time with her. Mom was - I think - a little jealous. My father died of cancer shortly before my 19th birthday. Tumor in the jaw. He was sick for almost a year. Could hardly eat and drink. It was terrible. Mom was 50 years old at that time. She stood by him until the end.

With my girlfriend I flew to America for four weeks to visit her sister. The first vacation of my life, a highlight. Mom was not particularly thrilled about it. The gap between us was getting bigger and bigger. After my education I moved in with my partner, worked first in a home for the disabled and then in a family with a mongoloid child. In 1986 I found a job in the kindergarten where I still work today, for 30 years. My life partnership broke up after six years. I moved back to my parents' house after Grandma died. Mom and I were still a touchy subject. Somehow we didn't find each other anymore. I had the feeling that Mama didn't love me.

Mom found out about this from my sister at some point. She was shocked and everything changed. With that, the knot was broken. We finally found each other! Thank God. After my 40th birthday, I became very ill. A lump behind the ear. An odyssey began. In ten months, 52 visits to the doctor. Only a biopsy brought clarity. TUMOR CELL - metastases in the lymphs, four operations. Only after the second was the focus known: Base of the tongue! A nightmare began. After 30 days in the hospital and four operations, a short breather. Then the worst time of my life began: CHEMO WITH RADIATION! Immediately, the fear that has accompanied me all my life reappears.

The worst part was the irradiation: for this I was specially made a mask with which they screwed me to the irradiation table. I cannot put into words what I went through in those minutes. Strapped down - no escape - the iron door closes - the device makes ugly noises. And I am all alone. 34 times, five days a week. BUT I'M HANGING IN THERE. Supported by the most important people in my life: my very best friend, my godchild - for me my "surrogate child", my family , my siblings, my friends and my MAMA.

Nurtured and cared for and never left alone, I owe them the strength to carry on. With 17 kilos less and physically down, I came to Dr. Holschuh-Lorang after finishing chemotherapy and radiation. Thanks to her, I recovered physically relatively quickly. Dr. Holschuh-Lorang used to be my family doctor. My older sister had worked for her for many years. She advised me to go to Dr. Holschuh-Lorang. I had already sought her advice by telephone in the hospital.4445At first I didn't know exactly what she was doing, but I didn't really care in that situation. My sister gave me the security: she helps you.

Analogous to my illness, the first blockage I found related to the area of the throat with the theme: "I am speechless". My emotional values were completely in the basement - who was surprised. After each treatment the values tested by PSE became better, noticeable and measurable! More and more new blockages followed. My life backpack was quite packed with conflicts. After five years of treatment and many issues that I could always relate to, Dr. Holschuh-Lorang informed me, "I can't find anything wrong. Everything is fine!" I couldn't believe it. But the euphoria did not last long.

Three months later, my mom died at the age of 78, one day before Christmas. Without having been ill before - just like that. For all of us, it was a huge shock that lasted a long time. The increasingly imposing feeling: "I am no longer anyone's child," was hard to bear. I now clearly felt that mourning is hard work. I had the feeling that something was brewing here again. And indeed, after renewed PSE testing, Dr. Holschuh-Lorang again found a huge issue. And since then more and more conflict topics have emerged.

The PSE treatment is therefore still going on, but I am in good spirits. My values are stable and are in the upper range today. My panic attacks have disappeared. And my fear of flying? A few months ago I flew to America...completely relaxed. Today I am happy to be healthy and enjoy my life according to my model. I am happy and doing well. I can now only hope that Dr. Holschuh-Lorang will not retire for a long time yet. You are the first person I have told my life to. I felt good about it, which I didn't expect at all. Of course, that was very unusual for me.

Chronically Ill? LIFE AND HEALING REPORTS About the Effectiveness of Psychosomatic Energetics Healing (PSE) by Volkmar Schwabe

Mr. Thomas Daub - Exhaustion, Childhood Trauma and Pneumonia

I was born in Coburg in what was then the border zone. Since I was born illegitimate, this was a big scandal at that time. My mother therefore understandably tried to get away from there - also for professional reasons due to a lack of job opportunities. She moved to Saarland with her later husband, who subsequently also adopted me, because she saw opportunities for jobs there. During this time, a lot of unconscious problems probably arose for me.

During this phase, I lived with my grandparents for long periods of time and was pampered there. As a child I was very fragile, weak, prone to illness. I always lost in scuffles in the schoolyard. In team sports, I sat during the selection of the teams still last on the bench. I had to fight my way out! When I was 17 or 18, I never thought I'd be in the position I'm in today. Then, at 19, I moved out of home.

That was the first step for me to become free. I was hired by the police. But I wasn't fit for life yet, I often fell on my face. But I always got up again to keep running. I had a mild, diffuse state of exhaustion, pneumonia, but also problems with my daughter. This mixture of exhaustion and an indefinable illness led me to live with the handbrake on. I felt that I had to be able to achieve more in life. I then came to Dr. Holschuh-Lorang and thus to PSE on the basis of a recommendation.

I am very open to naturopathic medicine, but I did not know about PSE. Dr. Holschuh-Lorang made it very easy for me from the very beginning. She is very warm, empathetic. She simply makes it easy to get involved with such a new method. I was then treated by her five times over a period of just under two years. My values improved significantly. I had the feeling that I became more efficient, more open. That then took me a long, long way forward. What had tipped the scales?

You realize you do things now that you didn't do before, my whole way became more open. For example, my teaching at the College of Administration: these are very fixed structures, but I'm now interested in what's over the next hill. I am now also prepared to take the risk of becoming partially self-employed as a personal trainer. I had always had this thought, but taking the first step had not been possible until a year ago. I am now much more goal-oriented, focused and mindful at the same time.

The empathy of Dr. Holschuh-Lorang has built up the trust and the basis for me to get involved with PSE. In my opinion, it is very difficult to separate this method from the appropriate therapist. Such methods of this kind will always exist in our western world, despite the data- and fact- centeredness. The basis of any success is trust, but only the therapist can inspire it. My daughter got diabetes at the age of 13. A long odyssey then developed from child psychiatrist to child psychiatrist. This was followed by dropping out of school, etc.

Now my daughter is living on her own at the age of 19 and is starting to find her feet in life. I think PSE has helped me to develop more composure in dealing with my daughter during this difficult phase.4748All this had cost me a lot of strength. In this high phase of suffering under the situation of the daughter, pneumonia suddenly came flying in. I was probably simply weakened. Mentally and physically. My father also died during this time. I did not have a very close relationship with him. PSE probably also helped me to find peace with him, so that today I can talk about it absolutely stress- free.

At that time, I was very impressed that Dr. Holschuh-Lorang told me that the knowledge and analysis of my past was not so important for her, that it would take care of itself in the PSE.My training as a behavioral trainer and coach coincided exactly with the PSE treatment. i believe this was a great blessing. Life is now richer, more fulfilling I am mindful of it, feel at home. Still see a lot of potential for a long journey.

To my wife: I had adopted your daughter, but she is not hers. That was a great challenge and the marriage could well have failed. It was often very, very difficult, but we pulled together. I believe that it was largely due to PSE that our marriage lasted and even became more stable. Back to my own professional biography. I was a bodyguard for outstanding personalities and a precision marksman for 15 years. That was an absolutely tough job.

In the process, I absolutely got to know the hard side of life. Now I have come to the soft side of life. That feels wonderful. I see this transformation from a tough guy, just because of the job, to a rather soft guy, from the factual and technical to the empathetic, as a complement and an opportunity in my life.

Looking back, the very big positive changes in my life coincide with the treatment time with Dr. Holschuh-Lorang and PSE. I now have significantly less self-doubt that the path I have chosen is the right one. I am not yet where I want to be. But I have also not been where I started for a long time. I will continue on my path and am grateful to Dr. Holschuh-Lorang and PSE for laying the crucial foundation for the positive changes in my life.

Chronically Ill? LIFE AND HEALING REPORTS About the Effectiveness of Psychosomatic Energetics Healing (PSE) by Volkmar Schwabe

Vera Alff - Extreme Neck Pain Caused by Emotional Conditions

I got married very early at the age of 18, had two children. I was a civil servant, but had to retire at the age of 40 because of slipped discs. That was a very painful process. However, I took advantage of this special situation and challenge to start various advanced trainings in energy work.

Preliminary remark: When Dr. Holschuh-Lorang informed me that the causative clinical picture of my next interlocutor had been an extreme torticollis, I was once again totally surprised. With appropriate prejudices and naive conviction knowledge afflicted, I would have bet on it that this was a rather orthopedic illness, which would be to that extent with orthopedic means and physiotherapy to treat.

But it is not!

The cause of torticollis (basal gangionic dystonia) is not yet known to orthodox medicine and therefore it is difficult to treat it. At that time it was still a little surprising for me that such a disease, which manifested itself at least for me prejudiced rather in the "body mechanics", could be healed by means of such a gentle and bodiless treatment as PSE.
Some fashion months later, after many, many more patient conversations, I was no longer surprised at all. I had known that for a long time. As you will see from the interview, Ms. Alff had a very precise guess as to what causes her overtaxed body and equally overtaxed soul to react with a torticollis. Therefore, this interview falls less into the category: "life stories".

Rather, it is a very concrete and time-limited excerpt from a life.

I got married very early at the age of 18, had two children. I was a civil servant, but had to retire at the age of 40 because of slipped discs. That was a very painful process. However, I took advantage of this special situation and challenge to start various advanced trainings in energy work.

Subsequently, I turned to alternative medicine and learned energy work from scratch. With Reiki, creative dance pedagogy, Dorn-Breuss and foot reflexology, trained as a health practitioner (BfG).I have always been involved with subtle energy. Until my family took hold of me.

First, I had to treat my father, who had Alzheimer's disease. Then my daughter had married, had a child, but after four years the marriage ended. She then had to continue working and I took care of the child. That all still went very well. Then began the worst year for me in 2011. Because of accumulating family obligations, I was pulled out of the work of my practice (Practice for Harmony and Harmony). My daughter had had her second child and a new partner, from whom she also separated after three years. I was now taking care of both children.

A few months later my son bought a house, extensive help with renovations was needed. Three months later, my husband had his 60th birthday. I am still married in the first marriage. My husband was a manager and on the road a lot. He has been at home for three years now. There were many preparations to be made for the 60th birthday, which had put a strain on me and stirred me up a lot emotionally. Normally, none of this can throw me off track, but this year so much has been thrust upon me and has come crashing down that I was no longer "at home".

My nervous system was totally down, I was extremely fluttery. This year, I also developed a physical symptom, an extreme torticollis. At my husband's birthday party, many guests said, you absolutely have to go to the doctor, but I didn't have time. And also did not know who could help me. After my birthday I went to the orthopedist who also worked with Chinese medicine. He first referred me to the hospital, where an MRI was done. The neck was totally hard, the head blocked. My doctor then did acupuncture, but in the end he didn't know what to do. So he referred me to the head physician of a neurological clinic.

But I never went there, not even to the orthopedist. I was simply afraid. Then I went to a vitalogist who treated me for a few months on the atlas vertebra. But there was also only a very slight improvement. The vitalogist then also recommended Dr. Holschuh-Lorang to me. This then began the PSE with me. The first test result showed that my physical energy was only 20%. I could no longer drive a car, walk alone, had no sense of balance due to the crooked head.

At the second test, some values were better, I felt slight progress, the neck became a little looser. At the same time, I had been doing physiotherapy for a year and a half.51It is extremely difficult to find your center again when your whole body is twisted. Even cleaning in the house was no longer possible for me. I spent many restless nights in bed, where my head was twisted again and again, I couldn't find peace at all. I always had the feeling and the desire to be alone for myself.

Without all the family challenges. I would sometimes lie down in my surgery for two days, which was incomprehensible to my husband. I have been doing yoga for a year, and the silence in particular has helped me. For three years now I have been treated with PSE by Dr. Holschuh-Lorang. I am learning more and more to stand by myself, by what I really need. Now I believe that I have come back to myself in my life. The crookedness of the neck is still not completely gone, but I can live well with this significant improvement.

Continue to work on it with PSE and the appropriate homeopathic drops and physiotherapy. Now that my husband is retired, he has taken over some things. Shopping, cooking. My daughter is coming back to us with her children. From August 10, she has to go back to work, but I trust myself to take on this new burden again with the help of my husband. I am now going back to my practice for harmony and unison, and some patients are already coming back. I don't notice anything at all about the torticollis.

PSE was extremely important for me and also very pleasant. It works slowly and steadily. If I had gone to neurology at that time, I would have always been afraid of the medications. For me, this slower, naturopathic way was the better one. Because I know energetically very well, I have never doubted the method of PSE. I will continue to use it indefinitely.

My husband was against this way, he would have loved to drive me to the head physician in neurology, but had no understanding for my way. He also refused to drive me to the first appointment with Dr. Holschuh-Lorang. I then prevailed and drove myself with my torticollis. Despite all the associated problems and dangers. Even today, we have not discussed whether this was the right way to go. But the result has clearly proven it. I no longer have pain, but I have never taken pills. I know today: every illness is a learning process, is an opportunity.

Dr. Holschuh-Lorang was someone w h o always listened to me, had understanding for me and my situation. The wavelength between us was right. At the last PSE test, the physical energy was 100%. This tendency was always increasing during the whole treatment, even if sometimes it was only 5% increase. But that always gave me the courage that this is my way. Neurology would never have been my path. I would always do it that way again.

My conclusion is that it is absolutely worthwhile to also go into long-term treatment within the framework of PSE. I am the best proof of this.

Chronically Ill? LIFE AND HEALING REPORTS About the Effectiveness of Psychosomatic Energetics Healing (PSE) by Volkmar Schwabe

Andrea Annen - ADHD, Anxiety, Eating Disorder

I would like to preface this conversation by saying that I am very volatile. I suffer from ADHD I have four siblings, my parents' house was also a bakery. My parents never had time for me, I did not feel parental love. At least my grandma was my angel, without her I would have died.

With her I could do whatever I wanted. My siblings are very introverted, I was always the stressful one, always looking for recognition. I always needed a person to receive and give attention. So I was also very attached to my friend in kindergarten, didn't want to let her go. She was supposed to start school a year earlier than me. I begged for so long that I was able to start school with her after all.

As a result, however, those were three bad years for me, I had bad grades, was always unfocused, always restless. I had to repeat the third year of school, was very ashamed of it. To this day I feel like a failure and not loved. My mom then became pregnant again. I had the feeling that I had now lost her completely. My baby brother always received all the attention, I was so jealous that I once pushed the baby brother down the stairs. I then found my love in the outside world, but not in myself. I had lost access to myself. Was still always in search of recognition.

Then came male friendships and I loved a man very much. But it did not work out, there was no real communication. I then met a farmer met from a house with 13 children and great poverty, divorced. Actually we were much too different, it was very exhausting all these years until today, but we are still together. That's when introverts and extroverts came together again. Everything very very exhausting.

After two children of my own, I finally realized that I no longer loved my husband, the air was out. I then wanted to work again in my profession as a pharmacy assistant, but then found out that I was already pregnant again. There was a real bang in the back of my head, as if something had broken. From that day on I felt sick, didn't want the child. The barrel had somehow overflowed with me, I wanted a different life than the so dull until then.

I prayed: Dear God, please make me lose the child.

During pregnancy I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. A node was operated out, but it still did not get better. I then always felt as if I had the flu. I thought and hoped that it would only be so bad for the first three months. In church, a huge fear suddenly came up in me that I had never had before. I then swore I would never go to church again and avoided all the places where I got scared.

My quality of life was getting worse and worse. I still hoped that this would pass after the pregnancy. Then, when the child arrived, I was so exhausted, drained, had no strength, no juice, no joy anymore, was totally exhausted the whole winter. The child baptism had to be canceled because I was permanently sick. Could also no longer swallow.

Everyone said to me: "What do you want, you have children, a house, a husband. But I had no more strength. Then my 30th birthday was coming up. I was very afraid of it, couldn't eat before, couldn't cook for the children. Those were the worst years of my life, I had a severe depression and a burnout. I really wanted to go back to work, but didn't make it.

I then took antidepressants for twelve years. That also cost me a lot of money. But no one could help me. Talk therapies were unsuccessful. I went t o Reiki, acupuncture, even did a Reiki training, all without success. An acquaintance had finally given me the address of Dr. Holschuh-Lorang.

The PSE drops sheprescribed had helped me immediately. I was finally hungry again, because I weighed only 49kg. Dr. Holschuh-Lorang tested me for only 25% energy. I guess I have been going to Dr. Holschuh-Lorang for eight to ten years now, three times a year for PSE testing. I don't go to any other doctor anymore. Since then I have sent a lot of people to Dr. Holschuh-Lorang.

here are just so many problems that arise in life. Every person should have such drops, I call them my God drops.

When I think of the inhumanity in psychiatry or in homes, I feel sorry in my soul for the way people are fobbed off. The people who went through the war and the reconstruction no longer experience humanity in the homes. I am still searching for a fulfilled heart. I know that is yet to come, that is yet to be given to me.

I like to eat again now, I like to cook, I go out to eat two or three times. I remember how bad it is when you can't eat anymore. The body function is there, but the soul is dead. My husband has also been through a lot with me, but he doesn't talk to me. The drops have brought me access to the inside, but you have to get it first, there is no advertising.

Also, the positive phrases that are given out during the PSE tests have always done me a lot of good. The PSE is a super companion, goes to the roots, but you also have to work on yourself.

I have already sent so many seriously ill patients to Dr. Holschuh-Lorang, and all of them are now feeling better. During therapy, you become more sensitive, you learn how to distance yourself better. You don't take problems so seriously anymore, you can assess yourself better.

Chronically Ill? LIFE AND HEALING REPORTS About the Effectiveness of Psychosomatic Energetics Healing (PSE) by Volkmar Schwabe

Birgit Stauder - Uterine Cancer, Depression, and Anxiety Attacks

First of all, I came to Dr. Holschuh-Lorang in a state of misery. After one and a half years of PSE treatment, I am back to what I once was. I had cancer of the uterus.

But thanks to my super guardian angel, it was detected at an early stage and operated on. Since three years everything is o.k. But the shock was deep. This shock triggered depression. I was psychologically totally down. Finished with the world. I had panic attacks and was afraid of dying.

Through my daughter-in-law, I then heard about Dr. Holschuh-Lorang and was treated by her for one and a half years. The fear is gone, I live again. I like living again. But now I'll start from the beginning: When I was three months old, my mother died of leukemia. She wanted to have the baby before she died. I then mostly grew up with my aunt, but was always pushed back and forth. It was not nice. Until I was five years old, I was always very scared.

When I was ten years old, my father remarried. They then had a child together. But I was not welcome to my stepmother, I never felt comfortable. When I was 18, I got married and just wanted to get out. But then it got even worse. The marriage was divorced after two years. After that I breathed a sigh of relief. At 23 I married my current husband, I am with him until now. At 24 my daughter was born, at 26 my son. That was a great time. We bought a house, I worked as a curtain seamstress and later as a curtain saleswoman for a long time. Life was very harmonious. My daughter graduated from high school, my son from college. Then came a big shock, my beloved grandchild, my beloved sweetheart, was born in 2008 with a serious heart defect. With half a heart.

To this day, I think that was the trigger of my illness.5614 days after birth, the child underwent surgery, has had four major heart surgeries so far. However, he is currently doing great, lives with half his heart. Is a little rascal, now in the second year of school I had been so afraid for the child.

Four years later, in 2012, I was diagnosed with cancer. I had only felt a pulling sensation, but the gynecologist had not seen anything. At the hospital, a scrape was performed and everything was okay. Eight days later, however, I was diagnosed with cancer. I was very lucky that the diagnosis came so early. The surgery and three radiation treatments followed without any side effects.

However, I was hugely afraid it might return and - as I mentioned before - I got a severe depression. Then followed the PSE treatment with Dr. Holschuh-Lorang. Little by little I felt better and better.

Today I am doing very well and I am very grateful to Dr. Holschuh-Lorang.

Chronically Ill? LIFE AND HEALING REPORTS About the Effectiveness of Psychosomatic Energetics Healing (PSE) by Volkmar Schwabe

Birgit Stauder - Uterine Cancer, Depression, and Anxiety Attacks

During and after my illness, I had very many conversations about this subject. It had done me good to talk about it, every conversation enriched me. I was often asked: what actually went wrong? And I have always answered: actually nothing. In principle, everything was good!

Certainly there are many aspects of life that can certainly be done better and more consciously: moving more, less stress, eating more consciously, etc.I have three children, no financial problems, many volunteer positions. I am a hospice volunteer. Everything was good. Everything is good.

Of course, the question keeps coming back to me: why did I get so sick? Something must have gone wrong. But there was no really drastic experience in my life, such as divorce, unemployment, and so on. This is exactly why I often thought to myself during my illness: these women have it easier after all, who know their problems, the supposed causes, exactly.

My medical history began with a routine examination by Mrs. Ottmann. I myself come from Grünstadt. Mrs. Ottmann was very honest with me right away, pointing out that it w a s something nasty. I thought that was very good, I didn't have to wait so long for a definite diagnosis. That's why I trusted Mrs. Ottmann right away, because she recognized it immediately. There were many signs of breast carcinoma.

I was also well prepared by Mrs. Ottmann for what would inevitably follow: Surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, rehab. Already in the phase of chemotherapy, Mrs. Ottmann came to me and informed me that she could offer me some things that would do me good in this phase, that could help me. That's how I came to PSE. You are very helpless in this phase, you can't do anything yourself, you have to put up with everything. I tried to contribute as much as possible so that I wouldn't fall into such a deep hole during the treatment.

I then started PSE already during chemotherapy. I was then given the various blue vials. Of course, you have to believe in it, because you don't feel anything. Of course, at the time, it was very difficult for me to imagine and explain what was going on with me and PSE. I had simply trusted Mrs. Ottmann that she would do something good for me. Of course, no one could take the pain away from me during chemotherapy. But I was mentally fine, the trust in Mrs. Ottmann helped me a lot. And I was probably the one who tolerated the chemotherapy best of all.

This was perhaps also due to the fact that Mrs. Ottmann had used PSE to test the infusions that were most suitable for me and that could help me. In addition, Mrs. Ottmann had also pointed out to me right away that in the case of cancer, it was absolutely necessary to carry out a sleeping sand place rehabilitation. I then also had this done.(Author's note: as previously announced, I will revisit the very important topic of sleep space remediation with a concluding chapter at the end of this book).Of course, everyone has to go through this disease themselves. But the crucial question is how to get through it.

I thought to myself, I may only have a year or two to live, but that should be a positive life. That's why I accepted all the help I could get. I was very happy and grateful that I didn't fall into such deep holes all the time. I am a believer, I am afraid of dying, but not of death.

I firmly believe that PSE helped me to stay physically well during all that time and that I was so strong, especially mentally. I did PSE therapy for two years, then there was no more need. The therapy lasted until the end of 2013. Since then, everything has been inconspicuous, but I would not call myself truly and definitively healthy, because cancer is, after all, a chronic disease that can always recur. Question: how do you live with this awareness?

At the beginning, I was afraid that if it came again, I might not make it, it might be the end. But in the support group I met many people who had survived a recurrence. That encouraged me a lot. Maybe you shouldn't worry too much either. I have a saying by Mark Twain hanging in my kitchen: "Now I've turned 80, and I've spent my whole life worrying about things that haven't come to pass after all"

Sometimes I talk to people who are panic-stricken about cancer. I'm very calm about it, because I've already been through it. Of course, the cancer therapy was very bad, sometimes I thought you'd never make it. But I never had a burnout, and the disease also had something beautiful somehow: I was immediately freed from all everyday worries. My only task was to take care of myself, to look after myself, to be there for myself. That was also something beautiful and special.

Question: Was the help from PSE just a guess on your part?

No, much, much more. During the entire treatment, I believed in it and felt that it would make me more stable and help me get through my illness better. And that's exactly what happened. Sure, there are always problems in life, but as I said, there was never the really big conflict. There was never the point where I could have said: if I had done this differently, I wouldn't have gotten sick.

Today I take good care of myself. I have learned to say no, not to be responsible for everything. Today I can say: No, that's not good for me, I won't do that. I have learned that through the illness. It's simply good for me. In that respect, I feel I'm in good hands. And everyone close to me understands and accepts that I take care of myself. That also does me a lot of good.

Hospice work also helps me in this. I meet many people there who ask me what they should or could have done differently. When I respond to them, I also ask myself again and again what I should pay attention to myself.

My answer: do not move anything! I can only live today. I cannot determine yesterday and tomorrow, only today. And I do that very consciously now.

That is probably the most important lesson I learned from my illness.

Chronically Ill? LIFE AND HEALING REPORTS About the Effectiveness of Psychosomatic Energetics Healing (PSE) by Volkmar Schwabe

Joseline Hampe- Infertility and Anxiety

My story begins in 2001, when I met my husband. At that time, I was more the type not to want to commit myself. That's why the topic of "children" was not yet an issue. It stayed that way until 2010. I had communicated this openly with my partner. In 2010, my partner proposed to me This came as a great surprise to me. i said to myself: why not?

The subsequent trip to Australia had then further welded us together. It was then clear to my partner that children would also become an issue. From then on, it was also clear to me: that's part of it. We had then taken until 2012 to get married. From then on, we had hoped for a year to have a child. After a year we decided that we should go to the doctor. Something had to be wrong.

My husband's spermiogram was completely fine. But I could not imagine at all that it should be because of me. My experience was that when I wanted something, it worked. I was also absolutely healthy. However, I had Hashimoto's disease in 2012, but it was well controlled, so that shouldn't be an issue either. I then went to see a kinesiologist because of my unfulfilled desire to have children. This had stabilized me emotionally, but still did not lead to the desired success.

The kinesiologist recommended a Chinese doctor in Mannheim. He treated me for half a year with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. This too had somehow continued to free me, but it still did not come to the desired success. The doctor said: "the eggs are waiting, but the door is closed". He could not open it either. But that had cost a lot of money. Already after we had hoped in vain for pregnancy for a year,

I went to Mrs. Ottmann, my gynecologist. She did an ovulation test and found that there was no ovulation. She had already told me about PSE at that time, but I had initially preferred the treatment by the Chinese doctor. After that, I contacted Ms. Ottmann again after another year. She then started PSE treatment in August 2014. After the first PSE test, I took the appropriate drops. Already after that I felt better very quickly. My head became freer, I could free myself from the pressure of the unconditional desire to have children.

Until then, I had used precisely every month for two years. But then that just wasn't fun anymore, the spontaneity was gone.

In October, just three months later, the first pregnancy had already taken place. However, after five weeks, the fetus had gone. On Monday I knew about the pregnancy, on Wednesday the topic was already over again. This was very bad for us, but on the other hand I knew: it works! We now knew that it was not a health deficiency, but was controlled by the head. We now knew: we have to let go. Then we went on vacation.

After that, in January 2015, another pregnancy announced itself. It impressed me so much that obviously the administration of the PSE drops alone was enough to release the corresponding blockages in the head. I could feel it physically, how the head became free, how I could deal with this issue much more calmly. Without this help, I probably would have given up, put myself in a vicious circle.

Now I'm in my 34th week, hopefully in six weeks I'll be a mom, everything is going well so far. This method PSE has fascinated me so much that I would like to practice it too, but for that I would have to be a doctor or a non-medical practitioner. But for me, I would use PSE whenever it is necessary. For example, also in raising children.

I am so convinced of it because I had noticed the effect immediately. After taking the drops, I felt that the issue of wanting a child was no longer my sore spot. Before, I felt like a bubble that would have burst if it was poked just once....

Chronically Ill? LIFE AND HEALING REPORTS About the Effectiveness of Psychosomatic Energetics Healing (PSE) by Volkmar Schwabe

Therese Schwein- Unregulated Hormones, Menopause, and Chronic Back Pain

I like to talk about my weaknesses and my corresponding experiences. Maybe that will open the doors to a new, better life for other people. And awakens the hope not to give up. We live in a beautiful idyll, the relationship is going well, financially everything is fine, everything is good. However, everything in my life was once quite different.

What I have to tell now started five years ago. It started when I slowly entered menopause in my late 30s. First I had hot flashes, followed by terrible panic attacks. Within two weeks I was no longer able to leave the house. Had several panic attacks a day. I had this before during my first pregnancy, but nowhere near as bad.

But since I was so young, no one thought about menopause. My family doctor simply gave me psychotropic drugs. But these did not agree with me at all. This door was closed for me. I then underwent behavioral therapy. Fortunately, I found a great psychologist who supported me in finding my way out of anxiety without psychotropic drugs. I then changed my life, diet, exercise, mindfulness. Then started a herbal hormone therapy. My condition got better, but the problems never really went away.

That was my first crisis, from which I had already learned a lot. But I continued to struggle with many fears, my life was limited. The hot flashes got worse, the periods went completely crazy, my moods became unbearable for my family and me. My gynecologist, Mrs. Ottmann, then offered me PSE therapy. But I didn't have the patience and it was too tedious for me to take the drops regularly over a longer period of time. Therefore, I stopped again, although Mrs. Ottmann had strongly advised me against it. I was getting worse and worse. Mrs. Ottmann's vacation replacement advised me to take hormones.

Despite my reservations, I took the pill, but I couldn't tolerate it at all. I stopped taking it after three months because of the many side effects. After that, I promptly got severe back problems. I had an IGS blockage and had to go to the hospital. I was examined, treated with painkillers and sent home with the diagnosis: "your back is fine, you are in good health, it will be fine. That was three years ago in October.

At home, nothing was the same as it was before, and it didn't get better. Before, I was a fun-loving, life-affirming person. Now all I had was pain, lying on the couch watching my family live and not understanding the world anymore. I had terrible back pain, could not stand, sit or lie down. I h a d no more energy, could hardly go to work, had trouble and hardship to do the simplest everyday things.

Mentally, I was in a very bad way, and my fears were getting worse again. Painkillers now became my daily companion. My family doctor then researched everything imaginable. A marathon of specialists began, which brought me nothing, except the diagnosis: "You are very healthy! After that, everything was slowly justified with the psyche and I got again the recommendation to take psychotropic drugs.

You then doubt yourself. Fortunately, my husband always stood by me and was very supportive. My last option for the time being was endocrinology in Heidelberg. There I was diagnosed with the hormone status of a 70-year-old. I received the urgent advice to take hormones.

In the meantime, I didn't care about anything. And although I refused hormones all my life, I took them now. I was afraid of losing everything, that my life was already over. I didn't understand all this. I had to realize that I was no longer functioning. And I always wanted to be able to control and have everything under control.

A pharmacist I know said, "Don't be like that. Hormones are made for people like you. Just take them. I then put on hormone patches, a lot of things got better, things went uphill. But I was still maybe at 20% energetically, with the hormones I felt at 50%. But the panic attacks remained, also the back pain. But everything wasn't quite as bad anymore. My energy remained at 40-50%, nothing more. Mrs. Ottmann took over the hormone treatment as my gynecologist. She listened to everything and scolded me. She said that PSE was made for people like me, for whom conventional medicine was not working and who were medically out of treatment.

She was very convinced that she could help me with PSE. She therefore suggested that I try PSE therapy again. With a perspective of two to three years. I had known for a long time that the hope that everything would immediately improve with tablets was unjustified. I had reached my limits. Even my completely changed lifestyle did not help me in the end. Her firm belief in such an "alternative healing method" - and that as a conventional physician- made me think.

At the same time, she did not reject conventional medicine, as many alternative doctors do, but sees it as a well-functioning combination that complements and supports each other perfectly. I therefore started therapy again.Ms. Ottmann then determined in the first PSE test that all my values were completely in the basement. I started taking the drops regularly, and things finally started to look up. The panic attacks were the first to go, the fears became less, the back pain got better.

My energy came back more and more. It did not go overnight, but steadily uphill. Depending on my current problems and complaints, the drops were re-tested, adjusted and the next issue was tackled. In the meantime I am back in the middle of life. In the last quarter, I'm doing better than I have in years. However, I still have this fear of anxiety, but that is also slowly getting better. We are still working on that at the moment with the PSE drops.

I refer to PSE as my herbal, homeopathic psychiatric drug. My husband calls it: my good mood drops!I don't know where I would be today if I hadn't done that. It also helps me a lot in phases of anxiety that I always have something in my hand with the acute remedy Anxiovita and the possibility to counteract it without having to take strong and debilitating psychotropic drugs right away.

My husband is very science-believing, wants everything proven, but he also says: he who heals is right. If that does you good, that is also good and worth the money. I registered my son for PSE four weeks ago, he has been dealing with constant infections since he was little. Again, there are no medical findings. He lives healthy, but recently he has developed hay fever. The ENT doctor just prescribed us the usual symptom fighters that make him very tired.

He is now doing PSE therapy with Mrs. Ottmann. His energy is also in the basement. The winter will show whether the infections will decrease. Mrs. Ottmann has tested that his bed is wrongly placed and loaded. We have moved his bed, he sleeps much better now.

Back to me. I had developed irritable bowel syndrome from all the stress, but even that is much better now. I feel back in life. They also make a very satisfied and happy impression (see photo)I am so glad that I found Mrs. Ottmann and that she persistently offered me this possibility. I was very skeptical at first. And only her firm conviction that PSE is the perfect complement to my hormone therapy, and that we can get to the cause of the problems, convinced me in the beginning. In the meantime,

I know that without the PSE drops I would not be doing so well for a long time. I am very grateful to Mrs. Ottmann. If you're at the point that you've done everything and it's not getting better, PSE is still a huge opportunity. I could have probably done ten more psychotherapies, they wouldn't have helped me either. I think PSE should be much better known.

At first I was incredibly ashamed and did a lot to hide my anxiety disorder. Today I can talk openly about it, I stand by myself. My pharmacist told me, you'd be amazed how many people take psychotropic drugs, even though we think they're totally healthy.

When I was young, I was always critical, swimming against the tide. After the illness, I adapted more and more.Today I'm ready again to swim against the tide, to do my thing, not to conform to the general image. Everything has its cause.

Chronically Ill? LIFE AND HEALING REPORTS About the Effectiveness of Psychosomatic Energetics Healing (PSE) by Volkmar Schwabe

Carolyn Schulz - Infertilty and Depression

Already in puberty I had depressive moods from time to time. This then intensified after my studies. As a graduate librarian in Speyer, I then felt worse and worse, but the condition was not treated at first. I thought maybe the temporary nature of my position was to blame. In 2011, I then applied for a permanent position and got it. But I still didn't get better, my condition got worse.

Finally, I sought help through psychotherapy and was prescribed antidepressants. Through this treatment, I decided to go to rehab. This was a very big decision for me, because until then I had never been absent from my job. In 2012, I was scheduled for this six-week rehab for mental illness, which had done me a lot of good. Therapy with antidepressants and psychotherapy continued, and I got increasingly better. I have been in a committed relationship since 2002.

Since I was psychologically better, we wanted a child in 2013. Consequently, I stopped taking the pill. I had a very irregular menstrual period, only every six to nine months. I then went to Mrs. Ottmann for gynecological treatment. However, nothing was detected in me from a conventional medical point of view. After the wish to have a child had not come true for a year now, Mrs. Ottmann offered me to do a PSE therapy in April 2014. I then took the appropriate drops and hoped that this would perhaps also normalize the extremely irregular menstruation.

In the main, however, the motivation for this was the until then unfulfilled desire to have children. Already in June 2014, only a quarter of a year after starting the PSE therapy, I was pregnant. Because of my irregular menstrual periods, however, I didn't notice until November. By then, half of the pregnancy had already taken place.80I am a critical person, not so much inclined to alternative medicine. But it had convinced me that so soon after starting the PSE therapy the pregnancy had worked out.

In this regard, I had done nothing else. I continued to take the PSE drops throughout my pregnancy. This went without problems until the birth of my son in April 2015.The combined family and professional life is good for me. I continue to work full time as a librarian, and my husband looks after the children. In the course of 2015, I completed PSE therapy.

After my son was one year old, we decided to have another child. This time I was pregnant after only three months. The planned date of birth of my second son is in mid-March. During psychotherapeutic treatment, the causes of my depression were found in my relationship with my mother. This treatment was completed at the beginning of 2015. I

also completed the PSE therapy during 2015. I think that the psychotherapeutic treatment and PSE complemented each other very well. Without the orthodox medical support in the acute depression phase, however, I would certainly not have managed not to miss a single day of work.

That was always very important to me a nd with the support of PSE, my wish to have a child could be fulfilled. My depressions are a thing of the past.

Chronically Ill? LIFE AND HEALING REPORTS About the Effectiveness of Psychosomatic Energetics Healing (PSE) by Volkmar Schwabe

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