Therapy In a Bottle

Hi there!

My name is Nick Fransen and welcome to my podcast page! I am a licensed acupuncturist and owner of Privia Naturals, distributor of a very unique line of supplements from Switzerland that claim to "change how you think."

In Europe, its effectiveness has coined the term "Therapy in a Bottle." In this podcast you can listen to the science, the history, and many stories told by practitioners around the globe about patients that have overcome their past trauma, healed their relationships, and accomplished more than they ever could once they were able to unblock their subconscious minds with Rubimed.

Some highlights-

√  How new natural supplements from Europe have "cracked the code" to breaking negative subconscious programs that keep you poor and frustrated.

√  Why the "body keeps score" and how migraines, sleep troubles, addictions, anxiety, and chronic fatigue can really be the results of subconscious programming associated with past trauma.

√  How to UPGRADE the “Just Change How You Think” mantra taught by the Guru's giving you MORE power to break your hardwired subconscious beliefs, attitudes, and blocks.

√  The astonishing truth about how your behaviors and results in life are 95% predictable based on how you were programmed as a child and why affirmations, visualizations, and meditation will RARELY break these DEEPER negative subconscious patterns.

I want to spread this message to as many people as possible so they can stop their suffering and experience personal growth in ways that were before unattainable.

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Nick Fransen L.Ac.

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