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September 8, 2022

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Physical effects such as heat, cold or pressure, food intolerances or medications are also candidate triggers. lmmunological phenomena can also favor the release of histamine from mast cells, leading to the formation of rashes and erythema. However, many cases of urticaria often remain unclear as to etiology. ln such cases, psychological stress is often proposed as a possible cause.

Anyone who knows how agonizing these patients' often chronic itching is, and how much psychological harm the visible skin changes cause, will understand how desperately they search - sometimes for years - for some kind of help. Orthodox medicine offers symptomatic treatment with antihistamines and cortisone, which is not always a solution for the affected patients - either because the efficacy of these agents is insufficient, or because concerns about side effects prevent the patients from taking them. Looking at the cases with unresolved etiology, for which psychological stress (frequently due to emotional conflicts) might be the trigger, raises the issue of diagnostic and therapeutic options and possibilities.

ln this context, Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE), a well-established complementary-medicine procedure of about 20 years' standing, offers an excellent diagnostic and therapeutic approach. From the PSE viewpoint, emotional conflicts are due to repressed psychic injuries from the past, which have stored away life energy. Life energy, along with genetic burdens and environmental influences, plays a significant role in human health and well-being. lt is thus understandable that any impairment, such as disturbance of the energy charge, energy flow and energy intake, can have a negative influence on a person's state of health.

With the aid of the PSE method, which uses a REBA Test Device (see Fig. 1) for diagnosis, the Vital and Emotional energy charge can be tested, providing information on the patient's energetic well-being. Furthermore, the energy blocks (due to repressed emotional conflicts) that are at the root of the ailment can be identified. Since the repressed conflict has an energetic dimension, it can be identified and treated with the aid of special homeopathic compound remedies. The energetic conflict dissolution triggered by the homeopathic compound remedies Chavita and Emvita results in an increase in the amount of energy and improvement in energy uptake. Experience has shown that not only is the patient's physical well-being (in the sense of better self-regulation) improved thereby, but emotional resilience - the patient's emotional equilibrium - is also stabilized.

It is important - especially for patients with psychological stress - to clarify the unclear unconscious emotional background factors. lt is necessary, however, not only to bring this into consciousness, but also, with the aid of the appropriate homeopathic compound remedy treatment, to be able to truly initiate clear physical and emotional stabilization. ln these unclear cases especially, in which psychological stress is a possible cause, the PSE method offers a helpful approach to treatment. lf this treatment approach is not enough, it can be supplemented with milieu and organ testing, which can provide information about organ insufficiency related to the disease picture. Experience with skin diseases has shown that it is frequently the intestinal tract whose regulation (in the sense of dysbiosis or - much more serious - fungal infestation) is disturbed. The corresponding disturbance can likewise be found with the aid of the REBA Test Device and special organ and remedy test ampoules.

The following case histories are meant to demonstrate experience with PSE diagnostic and therapeutic techniques.

1. Nadja,36

The patient has been suffering for more than a year from a urticarial rash in the face and upper body region. She has been taking Ceterizin' (antihistamine) constantly, otherwise the itching is intolerable. On vacation, when she is more relaxed, she can reduce the dosage somewhat. She also wants to have a child, which she is unable to do because of possible side effects of the Ceterizin.

The initial examination with the REBA Test Device reveals reduction in Vital energy to 50% (normal 100%) and reduction of Emotional resilience to 40% (normal 100%). ln addition, in the context of hyper acidic cellular metabolism, there is organ stress of the large intestine in the form of dysbiosis.

Over 16 months of treatment time, four different conflict themes are eliminated: stress and overtoxing symptomatotogy (Emvita'6), frustration and dissatisfaction (Emvita 11), feelings of discomfort and being driven (Emvita 24) and fear/anxiety problems (Emvita 15). The intestinal dysbiosis is treated with Hylak plus', Mutoflor^ ond Utilin S'.

ln the medical conversation, the patient is well able to identify with the theme contents which were tested out. However, the crucial point is the treatment result, is shown in markedly higher energy readings of 90% for Vital and 85% for Emotional energy; this along with the disappearance of the urticaria symptomatology and discontinuing the antihistamine. Her wish to have a child was fulfilled: she gave birth to o healthy girl.

2. Rosemarie, 50

The patient has been suffering for five years from chronic pruritus (itching) with recurrent urticaria/ rashes over her entire body. Since it began, she has been taking Ebastin® (antihistamine), but it is not very effective. She also suffers from fatigue, despondency and lack of drive. She is also plagued with fear.

The initial examination with the REBA® Test Device very clearly shows low values for Vital energy at 30%, as well as Emotional resilience at 25% - no wonder, considering the symptoms described. This patient has no organ disorder.

Over several months of treatment, the readings for Vital energy are raised from 30% to 85% and Emotional from 25% to 90%. These improved values are accompanied by a feeling of greater satis­faction and, above all healing of the tormenting skin problem. The emotional conflicts are treated: suppressed rage (Emvita® 9), a fear/anxiety symptomatology (Emvita® 75) and a stress problem complex with severe inner restlessness (Emvita® 22).

3. Helmut, 71

For more than a year, the patient has had a generalized and nearly unbearable pruritus with urti­caria/ rash. The skin surface is so hyper sensitive all over his body that just wearing normal clothing is agonizing. His patient history has for the last 70 years included COPD and constipation with hem­orrhoidal suffering. Various dermatological therapies, some performed in a university dermatology clinic, have brought no relief.

The initial examination with the REBA® Test Device measures a significant reduction of Vital energy to 45% and Emotional resilience to 30%.The patient exhibits a markedly hyper acidic milieu due to fungal infestation of the intestinal tract.

In the months that follow, there are a number of conflict themes to eliminate in this case as well, due to repressed frustration (Emvita®10), a stress and overtaxing symptomatology (Emvita® 6), severe inner drivenness and restlessness (Emvita® 22). The fungal infestation is treated conventionally with ltroconazol twice daily for seven days at four-week intervals, followed by regulation of the intestinal flora with Mutaflor®.

After a total of 15 months of treatment, the energy reading shave risen to 100% for Vital and 95% for Emotional energy. The patient feels noticeably stabilized, the itching has disappeared; only on his legs is the skin still somewhat sensitive. This course of treatment also succeeded in regularizing bowel movements.


These case histories show that, from the standpoint of holistic medicine, a mainstream diag­nosis (of urticaria in these cases) does not necessarily call for a standardized one-size-fits-all ­patients therapy. On the contrary, experience has shown that, with the aid of Psychosomatic Energetics, it is possible to put together a personalized diagnostic and therapeutic plan for each patient. This of course also includes, as the third case history describes, mainstream-med­ical treatment which at the same time enables more targeted treatment and, as a rule, quicker therapeutic results.

As a general practitioner, this approach to treatment on the physical and psychological level - which is what holistic medicine signifies, in the best sense of the word - has for me become the most important part of my everyday work. As a basic approach, it should not be restricted just to dermatological problems in daily therapeutic clinical practice.


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