Rubimed - Questions and Answers About this New Treatment Method for Emotional and Mental Trauma

July 15, 2022

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Brief introduction

The system of “Psychosomatic Energetics TM” is based on the daily experience in practice that we as human beings do not consist merely of body and spirit – psyche and soma, but there are additional parts of an energy in us that up to now could not be measured by physical means because it is fine material. As a therapist, I see a far bigger part of the actual psychosomatic situation if I include energetic aspects in my way of thinking. Therefore, if someone looks at diagnosis in a broader way, this also means that we can be more efficient and better in a therapeutic sense, because we can deal with problems in a more far-reaching way.

This means in therapeutical practice that we have two new possibilities given to us by Psychosomatic Energetics TM:

1. We can measure the fine material energy in its different layers, which means that we can, in a sense, measure the “filling condition” of the aura on the level of vital, emotional, mental and causal energy (If we consider 100% to be the optimum we can see what percentage does the patient have on a certain level of the fine energy...). In this manner, we can for the first time in history have an overview of a person’s total energy.

2. We can treat emotional conflicts for the first time with a healing potency not available, thus far, to other known therapies. In addition, we get the fascinating opportunity to measure quantitatively a conflict’s energy levels. This is very useful and should not be underrated for the course of the treatment and patient guidance. Psychosomatic EnergeticsTM does not view itself as competing with psychotherapy or psychiatry or other scientifically oriented methods (e.g. autogenic training, body psychotherapy, hypnosis, etc.), but rather as an adjunct and extension. Especially in children, or in patients who are undergoing classical psychotherapy, we could frequently see that the emotional remedies – homeopathics that belong to the system of Psychosomatic EnergeticsTM – are sufficient to get good results and long-lasting healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What led you to develop the “emotional remedies”?

When I was working – as a doctor in general medicine – with my patients in terms of Vegatesting or muscle testing, I could see in many chronic-disease patients that the real reason for their blocked vertebrae, their dysbiosis, their poor darkfield results and their digestion problems was an emotional conflict. These hidden conflicts produce symptoms that can be soothed by Bach flower remedies or a homeopathic single remedy (both of which I practiced for more than a decade), but it helps only for a short time. The reason for that was not clear to me when I started my research work. With the discovery of the energy levels via the Reba® Test Device and by the possibility of measuring the emotional conflict itself, I was able to shine more light on this mystery.

In my opinion, the reason for the poor results of Bach flower remedies can be seen in the fact that the Bach flowers only deal with conflict layers that are just below the surface of consciousness, and no deeper. On the other hand, the homeopathic Simile barely touches the conflict on one level – at the one potency you apply – and therefore only partly eliminates the conflict. To be really efficient with homeopathy, you need to use different potencies and different homeopathics together and that is how I came to create the emotional remedies (Emvita®).

Why do the emotional remedies contain the 21x?

The of 21x potentiation comes closest to the mother tincture in vibrational terms. The mother tincture is a latent summary of all possible potencies so that the healing energy of the patient can create the needed potencies – and only the ones needed. During the healing of a conflict, the potencies change a lot, so they need to be be addressed very precisely. This is not possible with the usual potency accords. Besides, the conflict consists of different components that usually need different homeopathic remedies – but not just a single one – for the healing process.

Why do you add the Chakra remedies to the emotional remedies?

We all have a number of hidden conflicts that usually don’t disturb us as long as they remain hidden. If a conflict becomes active, it starts to create symptoms. These symptoms are usually connected to a certain segment of autonomic regulation in the body. Therefore you can assign one segment to every conflict, e.g. Rage is related to the upper belly region. These segments correspond to certain nerve centers, e.g. the Plexus solaris – and energetically speaking, they correspond to the Chakras of Indian yoga. Many of the symptoms a conflict can create come from autonomic nervous system disorders and energetic disturbances in the segment where the conflict is “attached”. In order to eliminate these symptoms more rapidly, we include the appropriate Chakra remedy (Chavita®). Even remote symptoms caused by autonomic disorder, e.g. migraine due to disturbance in the gall bladder meridian, tend to disappear much faster when you add the Chakra remedy.

What are the side- effects of Emvita®?

With most patients, we don’t see any complications during the healing process. If patients are very sensitive or spiritually open, they report more frequent and more intense dreams in which the topics are important in their own life story. As in any homeopathic treatment, there might be an initial worsening of symptoms in some cases. We usually don’t mention this to the patients beforehand in order not to create a self-fulfilling prophecy.

What do I do when very delicate patients on a low initial dose begin to react strongly to the increase from 2 to 6 drops daily?

Basically, I never prescribe drops with a low initial dose, but instead (when I suspect a patient is highly sensitive) 24 drops in a bottle of water, to be drunk in sips during the day. This almost always works, exceptions being less than 1%. On the other hand, if you focus the patient’s attention on the increase in the daily drop count by saying “Start carefully with 2 drops twice daily, then increase by 1 drop every day after that.” – you’ll unwittingly create a “drops neurosis.” If you keep in mind that many people don’t feel very well at times, you’ll realize that it’s psychologically easy for them to blame the higher drop count for their not feeling well, for pains, etc. I hope my suggestion is helpful. In short: never go the low initial dose route, because conflict healing depends on the number of drops taken, and if you downplay the possibility of side-effects – or simply recommend the “water bottle method” – it usually works out for the best.

How do you discuss a conflict you have found?

Since the soul can very easily be wounded, managing this critical situation is one of a therapist’s big challenges. One cannot easily give advice in one direction or another. The more fragile a patient appears to be, and the bigger the conflict, the more we tend to not discuss the conflict theme. We prefer to give the patient a positive affirmation, as taught in our seminars and written in the Handbook written by Ulrike Banis. After a time of stabilization for the patient, there is still plenty of time to discuss the rough outlines of the conflict theme. However, in some cases, we have noted very good results by confronting a patient right away. Much to our surprise, in many cases there is no need to discuss at all, because the patient’s inner doctor has a lot of knowledge from dealing with the conflict on its own. After a while, we see some amazing self-knowledge on the patient’s part without having said a word. Patients quite often come up with their precise conflict themes, and suggest solutions in their own words.

How do you deal with severe psychiatric and psychosomatic diseases?

We have had tremendous results by combining the subtle energetic work of the emotional remedies in the background with an allopathic drug. Especially in cases of psychosis and severe depressions, modern psychiatric drugs are a great step forward. They are low in side-effects, act quick and are scarcely a burden, energetically speaking. In addition to the medicaments, one can obtain additional support with the methods of psychotherapy and stabilizing a person’s energy.

What is Geovita® good for?

These geopathy drops (Geovita®) are, in our experience, the best means for diagnosing significant geopathic stress. The fastest way to test is with a muscle test; many colleagues also use a dowsing rod. You put the Geovita® ampoule in the patient’s hand: if the arm gets weak in the muscle test, this indicates some kind of geopathic stress. Geovita® also tests positively in cases of severe electrosmog. Patients feel much better when Geovita® medication is added to a change in bed location. If patients are skeptical and do not believe in geopathic stress, you can also give them Geovita® to see if this medicament makes a change in their energy levels. If they feel better with Geovita®, you need to convince them to change their sleeping place.

How does the Reba® Test Device work?

You connect the patient, via a cable, with the machine’s multi-frequency low-level signal. You can increase the frequencies with a front-panel switch. The signal is created by a small electromagnetic circuit using by a fairly strong magnet , along with with micro-currents and a Tesla wave coil. The new thing about the Reba® Test Device is its use of longitudinal waves in addition to the more commonly used transversal waves. Nikola Tesla described these longitudinal waves at the beginning of the 20th century, and many researchers are now convinced that these waves have a special meaning with regard to communication between human body cells. Energetic test procedures such as muscle testing, electroacupuncture etc. show results with the Reba® Test Device at the moment when the patient can no longer tolerate the increasing frequency of the signal. The healthier a patient is on a certain energy level, the higher a frequency he can tolerate. The scale of the Reba® Test Device runs from 0–100%, where 0 is the worst and 100 is the best value. The scales of the machine matches up perfectly with EEG frequencies (times1000). With this physiological link to the patient’s brain frequencies, the test results are far more stable and reproducible.

What is the practical use of the REBA® Test Device?

The results we get from the REBA® Test Device usually match the patient’s state perfectly; only rarely is this not the case. In particular, persons who have chronic diseases tend to get used to their miserable energetic state and find it quite normal to feel bad. The first measurements provide a wonderful overview of the different layers of energy. You can’t have that with any other device I know of on the market. With this device, you can very easily and quickly check through the medications and determine how strong a focus is, if there is geopathic stress, if there is depression, emotional conflict, and on which layer the disturbance occurs. If, for example, the Vital Level increases from 20% to 100% just by adding the Geovita® ampoule, I can assure the patient that he will feel much better once he has moved his bed to a different location. In like manner, you can check every therapeutic procedure for effectiveness. For monitoring the course of healing, and to give the patient the courage to stick it out, I don’t think there is a better way than to show the patient that the REBA® test results have improved. From experience we know that the patient often feels the progress with a certain delay. In cases of diseases with strong energetic tension such as phobias, patients frequently feel healthy only when the REBA® test results have gone up to 90% or more. In these cases you can confirm the patient that he is on the right track once you see that his energy levels start to rise.

What is the use of measuring the conflict with the REBA® test?

If you measure a conflict with the REBA® Test Device, the evaluation of this measurement is quite different from a patient measurement. The higher the conflict results, the worse for the patient. This is so because the conflict, like a parasite, siphons off the patient’s energy and blocks its flow. If you explain the results of the conflict to your patient, you can increase compliance enormously. Plus, you can again use these results to monitor the course of therapy and use them to confirm therapeutic success.


There is a huge need for efficient therapy, especially in the area of chronic disease – whether the emotional problem is the cause or result thereof. Also, in the area of diagnostically unclear disturbances and psychosomatic diseases, we are under pressure to – somehow – deliver tangible results “yesterday.” The reality for doctors is that we have to see many patients and arri9ve at a diagnosis quickly. This is the point at which Psychosomatic Energetics TM comes in: as an extraordinarily efficient instrument of daily practice that is economical and helps us work in a practical and reasonable form to meet the requirements of this aspect of our profession.

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