How Emotional Conflicts Block The Flow Of Energy Causing Depression & Anxiety

April 26, 2022

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How Emotional Conflicts Block The Flow Of Energy

©Copyright 2001 by Reimar Banis, MD, ND, Switzerland

Translated by Ulrike Banis, MD, ND, Switzerland


Deeply hidden emotional conflicts are the underlying cause of many symptoms and diseases. Although we did not know much about how this works, this belief was generally accepted when talking about psychosomatic illnesses. But where do these conflicts hide? Why do these conflicts disturb our health and well-being? Depending on the personal belief system and individual training, there are various theories of what is really going on behind this curtain of the soul. With the method of "Psychosomatic energetics" we include the subtle energy-field into our theory, and are thus capable – for the first time ever – to get a deeper insight into what is going on in the depths of the spirit. With this method we also get a better understanding of how the soul attaches itself to the physical body, what facts lead to illness and disturbed autonomic functions. The subtle energy levels (the "Aura") and the energy funnels, the chakras, play the most important roles in this system.

The Deeply-Rooted Emotional Causes Of Diseases

When patients come to see us, they expect a profound, long lasting diagnosis and therapy that is efficient and gentle at the same time. On the other hand, it is the patient himself who is in many cases involved in the outcome of an illness, mostly on an unconscious level. For a long time it was professional opinion that the patients did not want to know about the real causes for their illnesses, due to their own resistance, projection and their blaming of others for their illness. Therapists thought that they were responsible for the patient’s health, whereas the patient himself was not willing to face real solutions. From my experience this is very far from truth, and only applies to a small minority of patients who behave in an auto-destructive and neurotic manner.

The great majority of patients feel instinctively that they need our professional help in order to address the underlying causes of illness that they cannot reach alone. They really want to heal. But because the emotional conflicts that are relevant for deep-psychology are mostly non-verbal, the patient himself can never get to the point without help from the outside. He is unable to speak about the difficulties, and he cannot solve them alone. Don’t mix up this inability with resistance or unyielding behaviour, because you would then blame a person for something that is beyond his abilities. As a matter of fact, most patients desperately try to find out two things – and they use a lot of power and will to get there:

- What were the subconscious impulses that made me ill?

- How can I heal fast and longlasting in order to feel good in my body, to be in harmony and be happy?

Well, usually we as therapists are no miracle-healers or clairvoyants. So we can’t read from the patient what impulses have made him turn ill nor can we cure this right away. Even though the patients put a great amount of trust in us, there is usually a large gap between the expectations and the real results. With the method of Psychosomatic Energetics we get a tool to reduce the gap between wish and reality. With Psychosomatic Energetics we can fulfill our patients’ wishes in a fast and highly effective way – we can bring their non-verbal conflicts up to the surface, and with the homeopathic remedies that come with the method we can also provide our patients with the best impulses to really heal.

The Levels of the Subconscious and the Conflict

We all know that below the surface of the superficial symptoms there are several levels of causes for diseases. Once we address these levels, we end up with greater success in our therapies. It is general knowledge that it is especially the emotional conflicts that should be touched in order to make therapies most effective. Usually it takes many hours of hypnosis and relaxation to get near these deepest conflicts. We lack the time and energy to always do that amount of analytic work. Many methods get stuck in more superficial levels of the subconscious, and many patients have been socially trained not to deal too much with their subconscious. This is no resistance, but a behaviour pattern coming from their cultural background. So we have to face themost difficult situation that we feel is the emotional conflict we need to address, but they are usually hard to reach.

I want to give you now a short introduction on how I came to discover Psychosomatic Energetics. For many years I had been working with classical homeopathy and saw incredible results with it. Through the years, I experienced, like many other colleagues, that the results from homeopathy began to get smaller and less frequent. With the Bach flower remedies, as invented by the British colleague Dr. Edward Bach, the positive results kept coming back. So I used them with great pleasure, only to learn that the patients kept coming back with the same complaints after some time. With nosodes and miasmas I got the same disappointments – at first the patients improved, even on deeper levels, but still the effects were not deep enough and did not last long enough to really satisfy both me and the patient.

One could argue that the reason for my lack of success might be my poor skills as a homeopath and user of Bach flower remedies. But since many colleagues over the years told me of similar experiences I rather believe that this is a common truth. From my opinion it is not only due to our toxic environment and sensual overstrain, but also because many people have access to the energy of their spirits. Therefore, the greater emotional conflicts rise up to the surface of our modern world and show us the failure of conventional treatments very clearly. Not only the holistic treatments I mentioned do fail, but also a lot of "University medicine" and psychotherapy.

After I had found out about Psychosomatic Energetics I could measure – for the first time – the subtle energy levels as well as the underlying emotional conflicts. Things that were hidden before in the depths of the subconscious, resembling some kind of a black box, where no one was really knowing what was going on, could suddenly be made visible. I could actually measure the quantity of energy in both my patient and his conflict. Now I realized why certain treatments hadn’t worked properly – they had only cut out a piece of the conflict. If we consider the conflict to be an iceberg, these therapies had only touched a smaller part of it, but had not melted the iceberg thoroughly. But still the conflict had become smaller and was below the surface, and the patient’s symptoms disappeared. After some time the conflict recovered and the symptoms came back. I was sure that only a treatment that would touch all levels of a conflict would finally work properly and would allow the patient to really heal.

Before I introduce such a treatment, I would like to describe the nature of conflicts. The conflict is an energetic "being" with a very broad range on many levels – some kind of little homunculus, that sits in our energy-field (aura) and participates in our energy. We can picture the conflict as an iceberg where the visible symptoms form the top of the iceberg. The major parts of the conflict, though, are hidden below the surface, reaching down in several steps to the very bottom of our subconscious mind. The deepest-rooted conflicts are located on a nonverbal level that usually can’t be reached by means of thinking. This is the main reason why most of the treatments remain insufficient.

How Emotional Conflicts Can Block the Energy

Emotional conflicts come into existence the moment when someone has to cope with an unbearable feeling. The organism considers such feelings to be potentially a menace to the whole existence, and therefore separates them from the rest of the organism. Like in cases of infectious diseases like measles, where the virus is expelled in an exanthema, the organism puts the unbearable feelings far away from his centre and puts them in a capsule. Thus a conflict is born – attached to our subtle energy-field with its umbilical cord and feeding on our energy. Frequently we experience that the energy that the patient has too little of, sits in the conflict and is kept there. The more we melt the conflict, the more energy will flow back to the patient. He will no longer feel exhausted and tired, plus he will resolve more and more of his physical symptoms, until finally – when the conflict is completely melted – he will be totally healed.

Speaking in terms of psycho energy, the conflict blocks the energy flow, leading to numerous disturbances. We not only experience a lack of energy, but also unspecific disorders of our well-being, mood-changes and a variety of well-defined physical and emotional illnesses.

The longer we carry a conflict and the larger it is, the more we are inclined to develop chronic diseases. Of course, our genetic heritage, our individual constitution and influences from our culture and nutrition also play an important role. Primarily, the conflict increases the risk to fall ill in an unspecific way – as in malnutrition. The sort of illness that will come up depends on other factors than the ones directly connected to the conflict. This is why the common models of explaining psychosomatic symptoms are often wrong. In cases of asthma or irritable intestines it might be any conflict connected to these symptoms, so organs do not necessarily speak about the conflict. But the conflict disturbs our immune system, thus giving inherited weaknesses the chance to show up.

Only if a conflict is very "young" you can see a certain tendency towards specific symptoms and illnesses. The reason for this is that conflicts always attach themselves to a certain energetic segment – like conflicts around the issue "repressed emotions" always appear in the upper abdomen. So if someone has stored a conflict with repressed emotions in his upper abdomen, this will bring about a tendency to develop illnesses of these organs, such as gallbladder malfunctions, ulcers of the stomach or liver problems. The larger and older a conflict becomes, the more it can disturb any segment and produce widespread symptoms. My advice therefore is to be extremely careful in interpreting certain symptoms according to an "organ talk". Only the fresh conflicts that are below the surface of awareness are strictly connected to their segment – like fast heartbeat if you fall in love, or a yellowish face in cases of swallowed anger.

Diagnosing and Treatments with Psychosomatic Energetics

It has always been my wish to be able to measure both the energy levels of the human body and the energy levels of the conflict. Over the years I developed a new system of energy- medicine that I called Psychosomatic Energetics. The newly invented device (Reba) is the heart and soul of this system. The device is in resonance with the brainwaves, emitting a spectrum of frequencies onto the patient that cover the whole range of frequencies that we also have in the EEG. This device enables us to measure, for the first time ever, the four levels (vital, emotional, mental, causal) of the subtle energy-field (Aura) with the help of reliable signals like frequencies. We can use any energetic testing method to get the patient’s reaction to these frequencies, like muscle testing, EAV, RAC, one-hand rod, etc. If patients are very sensitive they can feel, with their eyes closed, when the machine touches the region where they have their energy resonance.

The most important point about the new method is the fascinating possibility to find important issues of the soul within minutes. These topics are usually hidden in the depths of the subconscious, and up until now could only be reached by methods such as hypnosis. We cannot even estimate the great importance of this new method. It is not only the issues of the soul that we can detect; we can also measure the size of the conflict with the Reba machine. If we use special test vials with the machine that virtually amplify the conflict in a way that it "steps out of the background" and becomes the object of the test. We can see the percentage of how large the conflict is, how much vital, emotional and causal power is stored and how conscious the patient is of his conflict. Thus we get an unbeatable instrument for supervising our treatments and to increase the patient`s compliance. For the first time we have the option to trace the power of the conflict as a cause of illness.

Since we are now able to measure the conflict, it is easy to understand that it is now also much easier to find an optimal treatment in order to solve it. From my research work I composed 28 "Emotional remedies" (Emvita), that enable us to treat emotional conflicts in a gentle, but long lasting way by dissolving them energetically. Conflicts of an average size are the ones we see most frequently. They need about four to six weeks of treatment. Conflicts of an even bigger size can in some cases take up to one year until they are completely resolved. Fortunately, we see only a few side effects, which usually are an activation of the conflict. In cases of severe psychiatric conditions, one should treat together with the psychiatrist. With the medication of the emotional remedies we expect our patients to dream more and more lively and have a better perception of their body.

From what I said so far, you might easily be mistaken to think that conflicts are our enemies and should be extinguished altogether. From the point of view of psychodynamics we can view conflicts as parts of the organism that have not yet been integrated. Their aim is to help the soul grow and become wiser. That is why it is so highly effective to only address the issue of the conflict and then let the soul do the rest of the job. It is a way of "short psychotherapy" and is sufficient in most cases.

I already mentioned the incredible potential of self-healing the moment we remove energy blocks. By addressing the issue of the conflict, we obviously get an avalanche rolling. This is enough to do in many cases. Of course there are also the more complicated cases where you need to do more to get problems resolved, and they require psychotherapeutic guidance after all.

If you describe the conflict/issue to your patients, practically everybody will instantly know what you are talking about. They can make a link to their actual situation in life or to certain events in their lives. During the following weeks – while the patients keep taking their fitting "emotional remedy" – we see the lively dreams I already mentioned. Parallel to the dreams we can watch certain changes in the soul and spirit. Many patients seem to transform a lot during the treatment. They seem to become more authentic, more open towards their soul and more honest about themselves.

Many psychosomatic symptoms disappear for good – even illnesses that you would not call psychosomatic from a traditional point of view. It is always surprising to see the amount of emotional background behind many diseases of the organs.

Case Study: One typical case where conflicts of the ground chakra produce circulation problems of the legs:

Mrs.K., 30 years old, has been suffering from circular ulcers of her legs for more than a decade. None of the various other treatments she had received had helped her. She had even been hospitalized several times, without any effect. After moving her out of a geopathic stress zone, and after treating her teeth foci, the ulcers showed a tendency to heal. One year later we tested her with Psychosomatic Energetics and she showed an energy block of the pelvis (chakra 1) with the conflict of Emvita 1. We prescribed her Chavita 1 and Emvita 1.

After six weeks the ulcers had healed almost completely, only three small spots the size of a cent were left. There had been no additional treatments. After re-testing her, we changed the regime to Chavita 1 and Emvita 2 and the ulcers finally healed completely. The patient reported that for the first time in her life her feet felt warm and no longer like "clumps of ice".

Summary and Conclusion

With the method of Psychosomatic Energetics we have a chance to measure the patient’s subtle energy-field within minutes. We can find out the blocks of his emotional energies and we can detect the underlying emotional conflict issues. Emotional conflicts can block the energy in the respective segment of the body, leading to autonomic malfunctions, diseases and finally symptoms of the organs. By retesting the patient after four to six weeks we can watch the healing process and accompany the patient. If the energy flows again without hindrance – since the conflict has been dissolved – we can see a number of most astonishing healing processes both physically and emotionally. Psychosomatic Energetics, though, is not a closed system, but can easily be combined with any other treatment method. By removing the underlying energy blocks we get far better results from supporting therapies such as psychotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy or other treatments.

Reprinted with the permission of the author Reimar Banis, MD, ND and Explore! magazine where this article first appeared as Volume 10, Number 3, 2001.

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