Clinical Experiences With Psychosomatic Energetics

April 26, 2022

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Clinical experiences with Psychosomatic Energetics

By Reimar Banis, MD, ND


Emotional conflicts are the cause for energy-blocks in the organism`s subtle energy field. This leads to imbalances in the segmental metabolism and disturbs both the autonomic regulation and the feedback mechanisms of neurohormones. Finally, these conflicts support damage in the cells that can appear as various illnesses. By detecting these conflicts and extinguishing them with the help of newly developed homeopathic complex remedies (Emvita and Chavita for the Em-otions and the Ch- akras) many diseases and complaints can be cured in a fast and constant manner. Typical case histories show how the method is handled.

What does the patient want when he comes to see a “natural healing” doctor?

My patients come to me – a general practitioner specialized in holistic health - in order to heal. This is what most patients frankly tell me when I ask them what they came for. At first glance this seems to be banal („....what else could a patient want from his doctor?“) but if you take a second look it`s not banal at all. Much to my surprise most patients go to University hospitals and see several specialists, who examine them in the first place and do some sort of “repair work” after that. This is what patients tell me quite frankly, too. Therefore, the desires towards University and „ordinary“ doctors are very different.

Conventional doctors“ are usually confronted with repair work they have to do when „things have already gone wrong“ – like heart bypass surgery in cases of „angina pectoris“, or providing the patient with a new hip-joint because of progressed arthrosis. All conventional examinations and proceedings are useful and necessary when diseases are already in an advanced state. None wants to do without modern science, and it goes without saying that I myself use these tools and I am very grateful to have them at hand! It`s not about „either – or“ but it`s about cooperation of different techniques and the expectations that are connected.

A patient usually sees a holistic healer to really be healed“. He has had enough blood tests, x-rays and ultrasounds, he wants to be healed. This is why we as holistic healers are confronted with far higher expectations than our conventional colleagues. It`s not an attitude of false pride that makes me say this, but the experience of everyday work in my clinic. We are mostly unaware of the high reputation we have in our patients – and researchers like epidemiologists have so far failed to go into holistic health and natural healing! If it is really possible to “heal“ a great number of patients – as many ND`s and natural healers do day by day – it should be of highest interest to find out „how and why?“ in order to prevent diseases in a more effective way than before (even if this might sound non-scientific in the first place).

How can "real healing" be done?

There is a question if and how we can satisfy our patient`s wish for „real health“. I am not arguing or playing intellectual games, it`s only about the simple fact to make a disease disappear for good. This means that symptoms go away without new symptoms ore pain coming up. This is what our patients wish! Maybe some theoretical professor might not know what health means to a patient, but the patient knows – and his doctor knows, too. Health is not just a trick, it`s reality, and can become reality for even more persons.

Holistic healers have two wonderful tools to enable real healings:

1. Healing on the energetic level (this means healing the body`s „software“, e.g. by means of acupuncture or homeopathy. They allow the body`s „hardware“ to recover by providing the organism with the correct regulation impulses.

2. Healing on a metabolic level (this is on the steering level of the body`s cells, with fasting, liver remedies, humoral – therapy, draining remedies etc to enable the cells to function properly in the „right milieu“.

One might say that I forgot about the soul as a third point. From my opinion the soul is overestimated as far as healing is concerned. In our daily work we have to face the cruel reality that many patients suffering from migraines, for example, won`t get better when they can talk about their soul and can reveal what`s going on inside of them. In my practice I have seen several improvements by means of psychotherapy, autogene training, visualization etc – but less than one would expect. Many colleagues of mine have told me that their experiences are much the same. Since psychotherapy is considered to be a “holy cow”, only few persons utter this in public. There are studies, too, that prove that the placebo- effect – as a mere effect on the soul – is far weaker than estimated. This doesn`t mean that therapies for the “psyche – the soul” are useless, but they do play are far less important role when it comes to healing than we all used to believe.

What are the roots of chronic diseases?

An experienced therapist knows that surely there is an emotional background in most diseases. As conventional psychotherapy has so little results, we have to look for alternatives. I want to introduce a new way of healing the emotions with some case histories: the method of “Psychosomatic energetics”, a method that I have found and that enables “real healings” in a high percentage!

The basic experience behind „Psychosomatic energetics“ is that emotional conflicts are stored in the body`s subtle energy- field. Schamans and energy-healers have known these emotional energy-blocks for a long time and speak about them in terms of „demons“ or „energy-holes“ that they perceive in the patient`s auric field. The conflict sits in the body`s „software“ leading to constant energy-blocks that cause autonomic malfunctions and finally diseases of almost any kind.

At the same time emotional conflicts are deposited and inhibited in the subconscious. As conflicts are hiding in the deepest parts of the subconscious where words usually don`t work, it is very difficult to trace and treat them with means of conventional psychotherapy. If we use „Psychosomatic Energetics“, though, we can easily find these deeply rooted conflicts within minutes, and can address them with our conscious mind.

Daily experience shows that we „hit the nail“ with this method in almost all cases! Colleagues or ours that are very experienced with psychoanalysis or psychokinesiology are marvelled by the precision in detecting the issue of the conflict. In holistic health we can understand, too, how energy blocks and conflicts in the chakras lead to chronic conditions.

How does"Psychosomatic Energetics" work?

Speaking in technical terms, I apply certain scalar- wave-frequencies to my patients that are emitted by the Reba test© device (Rubimed AG company) in increasing intensity. (0% to 100%) The patient is connected to the machine by a spiral cable while he gets these scalar waves that resemble sound waves and therefore cause no electromagnetic stress. There`s a resonance between the frequencies and the levels of the EEG, like Delta ( the deep sleep), Theta (dreams), Alpha ( being awake) and Beta (being under distress). It`s exactly the same order that we know from ancient Yoga traditions when it comes to speaking about the human auric field: the vital field (Delta). The emotional field (Theta), the mental field (Alpha) and the causal field (Beta). This is why we can measure the condition of the auric field via the diversion “resonance of the brain wave frequencies”. This leads to extremely stable and reliable test results.

From daily experience we know that the healthier a patient is concerning the vibration of his auric field, the more frequencies he can stand before his body shows stress reactions. If we get a reaction to the entire Delta spectrum at a level of 100% - tested with the help of kinesiology, EAV, pulse etc – we know that this patient has a full range of vital energy, is full of power and feels fit and well. But if he only stands numbers of 10% - 20% before he shows a reaction, the patient will always tell us that he feels worn-out and tired, and suffers from this lack of energy. The entire testing only take some minutes and tells us precisely about the patient`s „energetic blood pressure“. We get to know the amount of life-force in the patient (vital), what his mood is (emotional), how well he can be awake and able to think (mental) and finally, how open his deep subconscious is (causal).

The next step in the test is to find out which autonomic segment in the body is disturbed. We use the vials for the chakras ( Chavita 1 to 7,basic test kit, Rubimed AG) and afterwards the vials for the connected emotional conflicts (Emvita) to the respective chakra. Each emotional conflict is attached to a certain chakra – like fury is always going to the upper abdominal segment. By knowing what segment is disturbed we instantly know that it can only be one of the attached conflicts that is active right now. This makes the testing faster because we only need to test some vials, but not all the 28 conflict vials.

At this point of testing we already know a lot:

1. how is the patient`s energetic condition?

2. where are his energy lacks?

3. which autonomic segment is disturbed, and above all

4. what emotional conflict is the reason behind.

But there is still more to be found out during the next minutes. By placing the indicating vials (Chavita and Emvita) into the patient`s energy-field (on the abdomen, in his pocket) we can measure considerable changes in his auric field. Thus we can instantly see the healing power of these remedies, and to what percentage the patient will benefit from them, once he would start the oral medication. If his vital energies rise from 20% to 100%, we can easily predict that solving this emotional conflict will enlarge his vitality enormously. I just want to mention that we can use the machine for any other therapy, including allopathic medication, as well. We can quantify the energetic effects of any remedy, because we only see side- effects when the energy levels are reduced by a medication, whereas remedies that „suit“ the patient lead to an energetic improval.

The last step of testing is the high- light of diagnosing – it`s measuring the size of the conflict! This may sound unbelievable at first sight, but with the help of especially designed test vials we can in fact virtually enlarge the conflict in order to make it measurable. We then measure the conflict instead of the patient. If e.g. the conflict „fury“ is the issue, we use the „fury“ vial containing a mother tincture of Belladonna to focus on fury in its four levels. We can test now how much vital power and good emotions are trapped inside this conflict, how deep this conflict is subconsciously rooted (= causal load, meaning the subtle programs) and how aware the patient is about this conflict (= mental load).

Measuring the size of a conflict is very useful to get to know the importance this conflict has in the patient`s life. The bigger a conflict is, the more energy he “robs” and the more he blocks the energy flow inside the body. In cancer cases, for example, we usually find a gigantic conflict acting as energy- block in the background, like conflicts in the pelvis in cases of prostate cancer, or conflicts in the head in cases of brain diseases. But it`s not only physical symptoms the conflict can produce. The conflict subconsciously influences our feelings, our ways of thinking and acting, too. I can`t discuss all the consequences deriving thereof, like neuroses, psychosis etc, but all these consequences are wellknown in traditional psychoanalysis, psychiatry and psychology. For general practicioners it`s useful to measure the size of the conflict because it gives us an idea how long we have to treat a certain conflict. It also helps us to control our therapies because if we measure the size of the conflict again after several weeks of medication, we can watch how it gradually “melts”.

Case histories

Some typical cases may illustrate how I work with „Psychosomatic Energetics“:

Fibromyalgia From Suppressed Fury

A massage therapist had been suffering from fibromyalgia (soft tissue rheumatism) since the age of 48. The intensity of her pains was increasing from day to day. She has pains in all parts of the body, regardless if it`s day or night. At the age of 60 she had to quit her profession due to the pain. For 13 years now she had not been without pain. Many hospitals, clinics and practitioners had tried to help her, without any success. She from high blood pressure, and complains about a metallic taste on her tongue. In conversation she behaves very friendly and kind (like many „fury“ patients do) which is some kind of contrast if we look at her chronic pain. We wouldn`t expect someone to be friendly, if he suffers from chronic pain. She is black-haired, a tall woman with gallbladder constitution. In iridology I find a brown iris with cramps. Her tongue has yellowish color as a sign of stagnation of her gall-flow. Her intestines are also crampy. In darkfield microscopy signs of acidity. Numerous painful trigger points on her body as a sign of fibromyalgia. Her medication was an antidepressant (non-effective when I tested it) and a medicament against high blood pressure.

In Reba- test her energies were 50% vital, 10% emotional(!), 90% mental and 40% causal. I found an enormous conflict Nr. 9 („Fury, wanting to explode“) that blocked the upper abdomen with figures of 90% vital, 90% emotional, 20% mental and 80% causal. By putting the vials of Emvita 9 (treatment of the conflict) and Chavita 3 (treatment of the autonomic segment) into her auric field her energies rose to 100/100/100/80. The metals inside her mouth (Gold/Amalgam) created a current of over 10 mikroAmpere.

When I saw her again two months later she told me it was like a miracle. Three days after she had started her medication with Chavita 3 and Emvita 9 drops, all her pain had been gone – despite all the autumn storms that usually turned her even worse. Her energy check shows levels of 100% vital, 100% emotional, 90% mental and 80% causal. She continues her medication, since the remedies still test highly effective. Her darkfield microscopy is much better and shows signs of metabolic improvement. I advise her to see a holistic dentist in order to eliminate the metal fillings from her mouth.

When I ask her for changed reactions after taking the “fury” drops she reports lively dreams with a lot of quarrel and confrontation that she had anticipated in her dreams before she transferred them into real life. In her daily life ( not only in her dreams) she had learnt to say no and to take care of herself. She realized that she had exposed herself to exploitation in the past, and that she had had a tendency to be everybody`s fool.

Another case of a mere „physical problem“:

Severe, circular leg ulcers due to „feeling helpless“

The female patient of 47 is slim, sportive and keeps up a healthy diet. She is happily married and the mother of two children. Her single problem are leg ulcers that are up to 2 cm deep. She was disgusted by them, she found them smelly and painful. She had tried any kind of treatment, but nothing could improve her condition. Her mother and grandmother had been suffering from ulcers, too, therefore she thought is was genetic cause. Her energies in the Reba test were reduced to 60% on both the vital and emotional level. The disturbed segment was the pelvis, with the conflict “helpless” (Emvita Nr. 3) When I asked her she recalled that she frequently felt helpless in context with other persons, mainly her dominant parents. She felt helpless concerning her ulcers, too! After taking Emvita 3 and Chavita 1 for several months, her ulcers have completely healed without any further treatment. They have stayed like that for three years now.

The last case is one of a school problem during puberty, something we see quite often. I want to mention that children react in a most wonderful way to these remedies, since their energy system usually is very open – leading to good and lasting results.

School and educational problems due to energy block in the head

A boy of 15, tall and with a lot of muscles, had been a bad pupil for two years. His memory in school was bad, so were his results. He couldn`t concentrate, was unwilling to learn and was hanging out with a criminal gang. His last school report was so bad that he had to do the class again. In the first contact we had he acted cool and distant, but he warmed up after some time. He told me he was fine, he had no complaints. His energies in the test were 30% vital, 60% emotional, 50% mental (extremely low!) and 40% causal. His conflict (Emvita 27 – unable to see reality) was sitting in the 7. chakra and had figures of 80% vital, 70% emotional, 10% mental and 80% causal. A treatment with Chavita 7 and Emvita 27 would bring his energies to 100/100/100/50.

I told him that he had an enormous block in the head region – that could make it difficult for him to think and concentrate due to the reduction of his mental level. He suddenly agreed and told me that he had a permanent feeling of being „dizzy“ in the head, like stupid, but he felt ashamed about it and usually wouldn`t mention that. I explained to him that this conflict in the head acted like an „energy robber“ or a „wall in front of his head“ and was the cause for his difficulties in school. For 6 weeks he takes Chavita 7 and Emvita 27, 12 drops three times daily. After that time he doesn`t appear for a control session. After one year I learnt from his parents that their son had turned into a „new“ person. He was not only good at school, but has motivation to pick up a profession, too.

He was friendlier, more helpful in the household, and would get up early to look for his school equipment. He had quit the gang , and had found new friends. His school report now was excellent.


“Psychosomatic Energetics” is a very effective tool in order to „really heal“, it`s easy to handle, it`s inexpensive and it`s fast. As a holistic therapist it`s my own interest to achieve good and lasting results in my patients. Content patients feed my self- esteem and increase my reputation. I used an open voice at the beginning of this article, I will use honest words at the end, too. A therapist lives from his success – both in a material sense and in an emotional sense. Having been in the medical business for thirty years (before I became an MD I was an ND) now, I overlook a large number of different methods. I have to admit that “Psychosomatic Energetics“ has become my favorite tool that I can`t imagine doing my medical job without! When I talked to colleagues working with the system, too, they were enthusiastic and agreed how extremely useful it was for their daily work.

I want to give an advice to all the colleagues that are open for new ways: Get involved and study „Psychosomatic Energetics“. At first glance the method might not be as spectacular as many others, but it`s a solid and practical tool, able to achieve constant and tremendous results. I am most impressed by its precision, its speed and its elegance in finding out about psychosomatic- energetic connections, and bringing them into light. Again and again I am astonished how fast and well nature can heal if we help our patients to remove the energy- blocks.

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