Steve Jobs’ Fate from a Naturopathic Viewpoint

April 26, 2022

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Steve Jobs’ Fate from a Naturopathic Viewpoint

By Reimar Banis, MD

Apple-founder Steve Jobs’ death in October 2011 shocked a great many people. Steve Jobs was an icon of the modern age, and a positive influence on the lives of countless people, thanks to his iPods, iPhones and iPads. More than that though, Steve Jobs was enormously charismatic, and was able to influence and motivate people to an amazing degree. For instance, Steve Jobs’ innovations had people by the thousands standing all night in the rain and cold in front of Apple stores for the privilege of being the first to own the latest technological wonder. His appearances at the annual Apple conferences had a quasireligious aspect to them, so great was the collective enthusiasm and the expectation of something not unlike salvation. His death did not just cause Apple share prices to collapse, it also affected many people all around the world.

Speaking as a naturopathic physician, I asked myself more than once how Steve Jobs’ premature death might have been delayed (or even prevented) by timely naturopathic treatment. My decades of experience in treating a great many people leaves me convinced that it would have been possible. I must admit, however, that my remarks must inevitably remain an unproven hypothesis, since this type of statement cannot be proven. Still, I think it makes sense to think about it, because it deals with health-maintenance issues that are relevant to us all, i.e. they are of general interest. I would like to address the main points in chronological order.

Intestinal Flora and Metabolism-affecting Deficiencies

In patients with pancreatic cancer, a naturopath often finds—with the aid of certain test ampoules (Rubimed’s Organ Test Kit, the Vegatest Test Kit, etc.)—an increase in toxic intestinal bacteria (technical term: dysbiosis). Interestingly, people with poor intestinal flora tend to favor very strict diet systems and to stick to them conscientiously, possibly in an Fig. 1 Steve Jobs with the iPhone (Photo: Matt Yohe) instinctive attempt to perform a kind of auto-therapy. This includes strict vegetarians like Steve Jobs. According to his biographer Walter Isaacson, he would often eat only apples for weeks on end (hence the company name: Apple); he also favored other unusual diets. Experience tells us that this does not improve the intestinal flora—on the contrary, it usually makes matters worse, releasing enteral toxins and placing a great burden on the immune system.

Our defense system has a significant presence in the intestines, and is modulated there (i.e. by Peyer’s Plaques). It is common medical knowledge that a disturbed defense system can be carcinogenic, so that Steve Jobs’ illness may have begun there. If, on top of that, one maintains a strict low-protein diet one’s entire life, as Steve Jobs did, then dietary deficiencies of essential amino acids and fats, iron, magnesium as well as trace elements such as cancer-inhibiting selenium, are very likely. This then places a burden on the entire metabolic system and has a general oncogenic effect.

The prophylactic benefits of a sensible diet in cancer cases can be seen in the story of a medical colleague. A few decades ago, the psychiatrist David Servan-Schreiber voluntarily had himself placed in a newly installed magnetic resonance tomographic device, to be the first one in the clinic to try it out; on this occasion, it happened to reveal a malignant tumor. An immediate operation followed by a subsequent lifelong supply of cancer-inhibiting foods such as raspberries, garlic, cabbages, omega-3 fatty acids, green tea and other antioxidants ensured that Servan-Schreiber, to the astonishment of his colleagues, survived for a great many years thereafter—but then, sadly, died recently of cancer. It’s a pretty safe bet that the foods and supplements that he endorsed have a prophylactic effect against cancer, as confirmed by numerous investigations, such that we should all take heed and act accordingly.


My naturopathic investigations have shown that, as a rule, cancer cases are associated with geopathic radiation stress in which the maximal stress zone can be shown to coincide with the site of a local tumor. In order to detect this kind of stress, I use a homeopathic compound agent (Geovita®) whose contents (formic acid, iron, copper etc.) respond only to patients whose bed is located in a geopathically disturbed region. When I then recommend an experienced dowser to the patient, the dowsers house call regularly picks out these maximal zones, which precisely coincide with the location of the tumor (with great regularity and to a high degree of reliability, even though the dowser knows nothing about the disease). The bed is then moved to a neutral zone, thereby permanently eliminating the problem.

Based upon my decades of experience, I’m fairly certain that Steve Jobs’ mattress (according to his biographer, he did not have a bed) was located above a strong geopathic zone which ran right through his upper abdomen. Patients exposed to nocturnal geopathic radiation frequently complain of having trouble sleeping, as did Steve Jobs, who for example had the unpopular habit of waking up his coworkers at two in the morning. If cancer patients’ beds are shifted to a neutral zone, my experience has been that patients then have a considerably easier time of it: fewer metastases and a generally better prognosis. It’s highly likely that, after the first operation, Steve Jobs did not shift his mattress to a neutral zone, since he knew nothing about this kind of disturbance zone. In my estimation, this unfavorably influenced the course of his disease and probably contributed to his premature death.

Psychological Influences

Contemporary research considers any links between cancer and disturbed emotional states to be unproven. As a physician, I also believe that psychological factors do not greatly influence the etiology of cancer—leaving aside indirect influences such as smoking, unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle, any or all of which can of course be manifestations of psychological disturbances. Nevertheless, I am of the opinion that Steve Jobs’ psyche played a calamitous role in the origin of his cancer.

We know that Steve Jobs had a very rare case of pancreatic cancer of a kind which, when caught in the early stages has a very good prognosis. According to his biographer, Jobs did absolutely nothing about it for nine months before finally submitting to an operation, wasting the interval with ineffective therapies. According to his official biographer, Walter Isaacson, this behavior has its roots in Steve Jobs’ character, which has a certain tendency toward an overall denial of reality. Jobs believed that most laws and rules—even rules of nature—did not apply to him if he resisted them or simply ignored them. This strategy might indeed make sense in his role as company head and inventor working with an army of highly talented engineers, whom he was able to stimulate to superhuman levels of performance— just as he presumably drove himself for decades physically and mentally up to (and often beyond) his limits; when it came to cancer, however, it was the wrong strategy, because cancer cells are deaf to motivational speeches and can only be eliminated surgically.

When it comes to patients with such a severe denial of reality based on a narcissistic personality structure such as Steve Jobs likely possessed, my experience with the Psychosomatic Energetics (PSE) system that I developed tells me that this was a case of a hysterical character type who is psychoenergetically influenced in his feelings and actions by large emotional conflicts having subconscious themes such as denial of reality, frustration, hidden aggression, self-esteem issues etc. When conflicts of this kind are resolved in time with the aid of PSE, one will observe in many patients a markedly positive change; afterwards, they pay more attention to their limits and act in a generally more realistic and rational manner.

Therefore, if Steve Jobs had been freed of his subconscious conflicts in time with the aid of PSE or a similar technique, he would in all likelihood have hed the necessary operation immediately, which would have significantly increased the probability of his long-term survival. I would also like to point out that the psyche often plays a great role in devotees of extreme diets. If Steve Jobs’ disturbed psyche had been treated, that would in turn have had a favorable influence on Jobs’ diet extremism, with its aforementioned deficiencies in protein, trace elements etc.—i.e. he would then have resumed a normal diet which, moreover, would ultimately have been a good influence on his toxic intestinal flora.


Just as we all now know that a lifelong smoker with lung cancer could have prevented it by quitting smoking in time, similar connections no doubt apply as well to influences of which orthodox medicine is currently not yet aware, but which play a large role in alternative medicine. As we can learn from the case of Steve Jobs, my closing hypothesis (I have never examined nor treated Steve Jobs) is that probably disruptive geo-radiation, toxic intestinal flora and a reality-denying psyche had a fateful influence on the origin and course of his cancer. These important disturbance factors can be detected and eliminated with the aid of naturopathic techniques such as Psychosomatic Energetics, by means of which many chronically ill persons can experience a marked improvement in their quality of life and their prognosis.


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Author Dr. Reimar Banis MD Ph.D. c/o Internationale Gesellschaft für Psychosomatische Energetik (IGPSE) Dörflistrasse 4 CH-6056 Kägiswil (SWITZERLAND)

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