The Importance Of Geopathy

April 26, 2022

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The Importance Of Geopathy

Nearly forty years of practical experience in the healing arts have taught me, time and again, as a physician and naturopath, how important the issue of geo-radiation is for the maintenance of health. As PSE therapists, you are of course equally aware of this from your own experience. Unfortunately, the topic of geo-radiation stress is largely hushed up at the big naturopathic trade fairs such as the Medical Week in Baden-Baden, because of its negative reputation – and because there’s not much money to be made in this area. But the topic is well known to many nonspecialists, and many ordinary people are aware of the importance of these stresses as well – unfortunately, however, not the majority of health experts. In this area, PSE is a laudable exception.

Experience has shown that the chronically ill cannot truly become healthy again if this problem exists and is not dealt with. Pseudotherapies in the form of mistletoe injections etc. are ultimately barking up the wrong tree, and do not help patients to progress, but rather do actual harm if the geopathy is allowed to continue. One time, at a major cancer Congress of the Society For Biological Cancer Defense, I made my case a bit too pointedly, and in so doing gave reasons for why Rudolf Steiner was actually not a very knowledgeable therapist. Although this is indeed the truth, it was evidently a very painful one, since I have not been invited back to this Congress. The organizers didn’t want to spoil it for those companies that made a lot of money from mistletoe. Besides which, it was of course a slap in the face for the therapists present, since they were forced to face the fact that they were ignoring the issue. When it comes to cancer therapy in particular, it seems to me to be a medical blunder for naturopaths to overlook this or – far worse – to ignore entirely the issue of geo-radiation stress. A lot of money is made from the pseudo-therapy of mistletoe injections, but the actual cause in the form of geopolitical stresses is, unfortunately, completely overlooked even in biological cancer clinics and among naturopathic therapists. Fortunately, the well-known Swiss dowser Hans Kauer has again brought the basic questions of geopathy and electrosmog to public attention in two excellent TV programs: Under the heading of “Replay”, there are two good articles called “ischi-gesundheit s1 – e 15 und e16” [ischi-health S1 – E15 and 16] which can be viewed online, in which Mr. Kauer explains the significance of geopathy and electrosmog in simple everyday language – which, although it is Swiss German, is likely to be fairly understandable to most people in Germany and Austria.

I would like to take this opportunity to point out that you can get the addresses of good dowsers throughout Europe free of charge from Frau Wirth, telephone (Germany) 06274- 912100 Monday to Friday mornings. In addition, the specialty area of also contains addresses of good dowsers (under the heading “nützliches” [useful things]). We are always very grateful for any updates to this list. By the way, the great Nestor of the geo-radiation problem complex, Dr. Walter Hartmann, a general practitioner from Eberbach in Germany, would have been 100 years old this year. I had the good fortune of experiencing him personally at some of his lectures. I can well recall Dr. Hartmann’s casual shirtsleeve manner, both kind and polite if somewhat provincial. He tended to wear leisure clothing, nothing at all stiff and formal, which at that time was still quite unusual. One expected an authority figure with suit and tie, and might take him for a camp guard based on his appearance. One soon noticed that Hartmann’s ordinary clothing, rustic dialect and simple appearance was his way of meeting ordinary people at their “eye level”, so as to more easily gain their trust. The well-educated and linguistically gifted academic which Dr. Hartmann most certainly was, was thus kept in the background and only became noticeable after one caught onto his somewhat rough manner as a ploy and realized what a tactful, educated and intelligent person he actually was.

Hartmann was completely lacking in personal airs and graces and was without a doubt a person to whom the issue was more important than himself. Hartmann was a dedicated researcher with a somewhat restless personality. Anyone who is aware of the enormous - 3 - work quota of a country doctor, and who takes a look at the enormous literary and research body of work which Hartmann generated during the course of several decades, which he literally wrung out of himself, cannot help but admire his accomplishments. In closing, I would like to point out that, some time ago, I uploaded a video clip to YouTube containing an excerpt of one of Dr. Hartmann’s lectures. With the search term “Dr. med. Ernst Hartmann Erdstrahlen”, one can find and watch a roughly half-hour video which I digitized and placed online. The chair of the geobiology research group, Mr. Joachim Götze, was kind enough to make the video available.

Licensed engineer Götze was one of Hartmann’s closest associates. It’s interesting how he got into geobiology: as a young family man, he sought out the advice of the family doctor Dr. Hartmann regarding his baby, who screamed at night. A geopathic stress situation which Dr. Hartmann detected and cleaned up restored nocturnal peace and led to Götze becoming a geobiological engineer – an experience that was passed on to me in similar manner convincing me as a long-suffering young father of the existence of geo-radiation.

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