Trauma and Anxiety from the Viewpoint of Epigenetic Findings - Uschi van Koch

September 21, 2022

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Have you ever asked yourself whether energy medicine is in fact effective, and how on Earth it works? Did you know that the effectiveness of energy medicine was unambiguously con­firmed in a 1989 scientific paper?[9] Unfortunately, this kind of research news is largely ignored by the mainstream media, which are fond of attributing the various energetic healing tech­niques' successes to the placebo effect, or else dismiss them entirely as charlatanism.[1] For this reason, the new and exciting areas of research, such as quantum physics and mechanics, psychoneuroimmunology as well as epigenetics, are all the more valuable and encouraging because they suddenly make it easier to understand and explain energy medicine's modes of action.

Nature or nurture?

After molecular biologists discovered the genetic code in 1953[2], entire armies and gener­ations of scientists began researching the human genome. On up through the late 1980s, it was carved in stone that genes alone primarily governed our lives. The sequence DNA > RNA protein was viewed as an unalterable construction plan, upon which we were totally depen­dent. In fact, the human genome was to be comprehensively catalogued in order to define the entire genetic makeup of the human organism. The assumption was that this would enable us to prevent or cure most diseases (and, just by the way, make heaps of money by patenting gene sequences).

As time passed, some scientists began to modify their view of the gene due to a number of setbacks, and a new branch of research emerged: epigenetics. It was discovered that genes did not turn themselves on and off, but rather that environmental signals were "guilty" of influencing whether genes produced healthy or dysfunctional proteins.

Let's let that sit on the tongue for a moment: it's not our genes in the driver's seat, it's the environment! So, all of our happy or traumatic experiences, our parents, siblings, grandpar­ents, teachers, fellow students etc.-as well as our religion and culture, our bed location and place of work, the food we eat, air and water, the chemical toxins and, last but not least, our thoughts and paradigms-all these thousands of different effects and influences affect our genetic material.

The genotype in the cell nucleus is read or not read based on the needs of prevailing envi­ronmental conditions; thus we possess a genetic matrix that does not invariably have to be expressed. This autonomous mechanism makes a lot of sense, since ultimately every organism must be able to adapt to its environment.

Thus, genes do not govern life: they are used by life.

For years, genetic structures were painstakingly researched and accepted without further checking. It was assumed that a cell lacking a genotype-containing nucleus would die at once. The error of this assumption was revealed when a researcher removed a cell's nucleus to find out what happened to a cell with no genetic material. To his great astonishment, the cell remained alive-and went about its business just as efficiently as before. Further research revealed that the nucleus, with its DNA double helix, is only responsible for cellular reproduction and for the repair of damaged proteins; the cell lives on without need of the nucleus, maintaining cellular metabolism. However, if the cell membrane is destroyed, or if receptors and/or effectors are removed, the cell dies immediately; the membrane links the cell with its environment, and without communication (signal processing) with its surroundings, all life dies (Billiton).

Can diet affect the genes?

In 2003(3), a study was published that showed that dietary modification could overcome muta­tions in mice. Mice with the "Agouti" gene were yellowish, fat, large and suffered from diabetes, heart disease and even cancer-they died young. When methylated foodstuffs (folic acid, methylcobalamin, betaine and choline) were administered to pregnant females, this patho­logical gene was not activated in the offspring, who developed into completely normal mice.

In this context, we should ask what negative repercussion methylated toxins (e.g. methylated Mercury from amalgam
fillings or inoculations) have on our genotype.

Stress and Anxiety

In these troubled times, characterized by economic and personal crises, as well as collapsing infrastructure, the number of cases of generalized anxiety disorders have risen to an alarming degree. Many seem paralyzed, no longer able to deal with life on their own, stuck in a fear-in­duced stupor that is often covert.

Anxiety disorders reach deep into the biology of the body's defenses, since the HPA axis (hy­pothalamus, pituitary, adrenal)-which is actually only needed in danger situations (and which is then vital to survival)-is constantly activated, thus leading to permanently elevated stress hormone levels in the blood. Sufferers are put into in a permanent "Red Alert" condition; they can no longer relax, and have trouble thinking straight, since the reflexive hindbrain is given priority over the frontal cortex where logic and reason prevail.

Virtually all of the "diseases of civilization" are associated with chronic stress (also triggered by anxiety), and this has been researched in many extensive studies.[6]

This results in more and more people exhibiting depressive psychoses; in such cases, the hip­pocampus and the frontal cerebral cortex (region were logical thinking takes place) are often significantly reduced in size.[7]

The Power of the Subconscious

New branches of science confirm that even highly complex creatures such as human beings get most of their convictions, thoughts and opinions from the subconscious, in which (much like an internal hard drive) all experiences are stored, regardless of whether pre-, peri- or post­natal. According to the latest studies, pre- and perinatal dreams in particular are associated with affective illnesses and psychoses.[4]

Parents, siblings, teachers and friends, the media, television and books, games etc.-all these information sources provide guidelines for evaluating situations. We acquire our worldview, so to speak, from our environment! 95% of our decisions, actions, emotions and behavioral patterns derive from subconscious influences.[11]

We now know that an embryo can detect prenatally how its parents "tick", whether it is wanted and loved or not-with far-reaching consequences for later development and health.

Until it is approximately 2 years old, the brain operates mostly in the long-wave Delta fre­quency range (0.5-4 Hz); up to approximately 6 years mostly in the somewhat higher-frequency Theta waves (4-8 Hz). Everything that we experience at this time is written directly onto the subconscious mind's "hard drive"-i.e. some very deep and long-lasting shaping and pro­gramming is going on here.

Later on, when the child is older and no longer so easy to influence, the brain operates in the Al­pha range (8-12 Hz), the state of calm and relaxed consciousness. Then, after the age of 12, the EEG begins to exhibit longer phases of Beta waves (12-25 Hz), designated as "active consciousness".

It gets even more interesting when we learn that the human body (Vital body) operates in the Delta frequency range, and the Emotional body in the Theta range. Our deepest, longest and most subconscious themes can, at some time or another, manifest themselves in this percep­tible region as feeling unwell or sad, all the way to serious illness and depression.

How does energy medicine work?

Information medicine is many times more effective than chemical medication, as well as be­ing free of dreaded "side effects" which can sometimes prove fatal. About 40 years ago, the biophysicist McClare (Oxford University) in a study compared the efficiency of energy signals with those of chemical and biological systems. His study showed that energy signals such as electromagnetic waves transmitted information 100 times more efficiently than, for example, chemical signals using hormones or neurotransmitters.[8]

The antennas of receptors on the cell membrane can receive and retransmit vibrational energy fields such as sound, light, radio waves (but also thoughts) when the receptor and signal are in resonance.

It was this particular study, published in 1989, that proved that energy medicine works.[9]

The information transmitted by molecules corresponds precisely to the available energy of the molecule-unlike that of chemical compounds. In these, the buildup and breakdown of the compounds releases a great deal of heat energy, thus using up much of the molecule's energy and leaving just a little bit for signal strength! In addition, chemical elements act on a number of receptors, not just on the target organ; estrogen, for instance, has not only an ovulatory effect, but also influences receptors in the heart and the brain, which is why, when they start taking "the pill", a great many women initially have circulatory problems up to and including heart attack or stroke.

What makes PSE so special?

Many people feel worn out, unhappy, no longer fit or efficient, but can't quite put their finger on why. Many times, they make no progress in life and feel as though they're being held back somehow.

Then there are many patients who come into my practice who are seriously ill, and are looking for new avenues to long-term health.

As I said before, stress and anxiety or subconscious blocks due to early-childhood experiences can trigger many an ailment.

This is where Psychosomatic Energetics therapy can be particularly useful, because one cannot cope with such blocks through mere "positive thinking". The subconscious, as a storehouse of instinctive and acquired behavioral and thought patterns, always reacts stereotypically to the same or similar situations in the same manner-like an emotionless database that processes environmental signals and then activates the corresponding preprogrammed behavioral patterns. Compared to the conscious mind, subconscious neural processing is about a mil­lion times faster: it is estimated that the subconscious brain regions process more than 40 million neural impulses per second; the "self-aware" prefrontal cortex, on the other hand, only manages about 40.

The cell membrane as computer chip

Functionally and structurally, the cell membrane resembles a silicon chip.

Researchers have isolated a cell membrane and applied it to a piece of gold foil, filling the intervening space with an electrolyte solution. Now, when the membrane receptors were stim­ulated with complementary signals, the membrane channels opened up and the electrolyte solution penetrated the membrane. The gold foil served as a transducer, by means of which the electrical activity of the channels was transmitted to and displayed on a computer screen.[1 OJ

It was shown that biological behavior and gene activity had a dynamic relationship with envi­ronmental information that was electrically "downloaded" into the cell and the cell's nucleus.

One may well speculate to what extent electromagnetic signals, which constantly surround us day and night, might stimulate the cell membrane and possibly misshape our genes. UMTS, GMS etc.-all of these modern communications frequencies are influencing our cells more and more every day.

Pulsed microwaves, at a pulse rate of 300, 600 or 1000 Hz, can wake a person out of a sound sleep; ELF frequencies of 10 Hz can trigger anxiety attacks-to name just a couple of possi­bilities.

Psychosomatic Energetics

As explained above, thanks to PSE, we can catch hold of the "subconscious saboteurs" that take control of our existence, and eliminate them by means of informational complexes ad­ministered in the form of drops or suppositories. As we resolve and dissolve what we have learned and internalized, our dreams and conflicts, internal and external situations, feelings and thoughts are often modified.

With the aid of the Reba® test device we can determine the condition of a person's energetic metabolism (psychic, emotional, mental and spiritual). Oftentimes, a person who has passed through many "therapeutic hands" will finally feel understood, and, very frequently, testing for one of the 28 possible conflict themes will finally bring to the surface some deeply-buried memories related to the theme.

According to a large-scale clinical study, many kinds of ailments (including chronic) of somatic or psychic origin show significant improvement in 80% of cases.

I myself have been using the marvelous diagnostic and therapeutic method known as Psycho­somatic Energetics as a basic part of my practice for years, with highly satisfactory results-pre­cisely because acute and often undetected burdens such as geo-radiation, nervous overstress, autonomic dysregulation, electrosmog, suppressed anxiety and even somatic dysfunctions can be quickly and reliably detected.

The following patient history is representative of the course of PSE therapy:

In July 2006, a 26-year-old athletic male came to see me, suffering from anxiety disorders and unbearable agoraphobia. As a child, (he grew up in Bitterfeld, Germany) he was always sickly, with allergic diathesis and dermatitis as well as severe asthma. He was in the hospital a lot; he has always known that his mother wanted to abort him and that he was born via cesarean section.

After being treated by a female colleague of mine, the asthma and skin problems were almost gone, but he still had a little shortness of breath. He had to urinate at least 12 times a day, with no discernible urological finding. He is constantly afraid of falling down and that no one will help him up. In addition, he suffers from a hypermobile spinal column which is very painful.

He has been to see a number of psychologists has been taking various psychotropic meds in order to be able to work at all.

He is happily married and has a good relationship with his wife (many deep conversations), but unfortunately cannot consummate the marriage-which, however, he doesn't think is all that important.

First testing session (Vital/ Emotional/ Mental / Causal)

Baseline 60 90 80 100

Conflict 70 80 05 100

He exhibits the conflict Helpless/at the mercy of in the first energy center and Neurovita as acute agent.

He returns for testing on November 7. His back problems have disappeared, breathing is con­siderably better, he can now take the trolley, but still has problems shopping at the super­market (although he can now do it), has the confidence to go bicycle riding in the woods and generally feels much better.

He is now very nervous and, since August, his salivary glands have swelled up very rapidly. Urination is now normal, but he is still unable have sex with his wife. AND on his own initiative, he stopped taking all psychotropic drugs-cold turkey, without first having discussed it with me-and feels terrific about it!

Second testing session (Vital/ Emotional / Mental / Causal)

Baseline 100 100 100 100

Conflict 060 060 005 040

The theme I found was Hectic/feeling misunderstood in the communications center of the neck, plus Simvita and Anxiovita as acute agents. What's interesting is that, during the first testing session (and despite considerable anxiety issues), the anxiety agent Anxiovita was not indi­cated, having been completely triggered away-most likely by the psychotropic drugs-and so could not be processed.

In July 2008, he came in for the third testing session feeling he had made great progress; he stuttered now and then, was more sociable and had no more phobias, so he can now do any­thing he wants to. Fantastic! He was considering what more he might be able to do with his life (maybe a career change), was enjoying himself and was full of ideas.

Third testing session (Vital/ Emotional/ Mental/ Causal)

Baseline 100 100 100 100

Conflict -060 005 005 040

Testing revealed the theme Independence in the first energy center, plus a disturbed parasym­pathetic system with the acute agent Paravita.

During the processing of this conflict, he and his wife suddenly separate, even though he had, during testing, enthused about how great they got along. His ego breaks out unfettered, he looks for a new job in Vienna, and acquires a new girlfriend. Indeed, he is seeking and reclaim­ing the independence that somehow slipped away for so many years, perhaps as much as a decade.

He returns in September 2009-aggressive, but views this as a positive development, is ab­solutely determined not to take any crap from anybody, quarrels loudly with his girlfriend, cannot take criticism and is even unfair. But-it was all worth it, he feels he can do anything now! He asks impishly whether there is a conflict called Asshole, because it would certainly apply to him.

Fourth testing session (Vital/ Emotional/ Mental / Causal)\

Baseline 100 100 100 100

Conflict 080 070 015 090

This time he exhibits the so-called Central Conflict (which determines one's character) with the theme Rage, which he clearly is giving free reign to. In his case, it's the many years of missed opportunities, unexpressed rage, since he was always repressed by his mother, and even his wife had, earlier on, reprimanded him for being a bit of a slob and a spendthrift. Also, when he was 15, he was forced to take dancing lessons, which he hated, but he was not allowed to protest. He enjoys everything, and nothing can come quickly enough, since he wants to live NOW. His character type is Depressive (also Choleric, which is feminine). Thus, he has had great difficulty expressing his masculine disposition.

By means of the homeopathic preparation in the corresponding Emvita and Chavita, he re­solved his primordial theme of Rage and, as came out in a subsequent consultation, he finally regained a normally functioning sexuality.

We see that treatment with Psychosomatic Energetics is more like a journey of growth and understanding than a suppressive therapy. It is OK to live things out in order to more clearly define goals and then the physical, emotional and mental symptoms (the reasons why therapy was sought out in the first place) disappear, on their own as it were.

Not a day goes by in which I don't give a hearty "Thank you" to this diagnostic and therapeutic method!


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- James Watson and Francis Crick

- Duke University study (Waterland and Jirtle 2003), published in Molecular and Cellular Biology

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