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“Your behaviors and results in life are 95%  predictable based on how you were programmed as a child.” - Nick Fransen L.Ac.

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Nick Fransen is a licensed acupuncturist and functional medicine specialist. He is the U.S. distributor of the famous Rubimed products from Switzerland that change how you think. For a decade he has helped over a thousand people overcome their negative subconscious blocks, reach their financial goals, improve their relationships, and overcome past trauma. He has worked extensively with many doctors around the world including Dr. Thomas Rau, MD of the Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland, Reimar Banis, MD of Germany and several others. He was a lead clinician at the Hope 4 Cancer Medical Center in Tijuana, Mexico and currently operates the Fransen Center for Advanced Medicine.

You Don’t Want to Miss:

• What the “Body Keeps the Score” means

• How Homeopathic Remedies can make a MASSIVE difference

• How subconscious blocks and childhood programming impact us today


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