The Pain and Performance Podcast with Derrick Hines Episode 2

“Your behaviors and results in life are 95%  predictable based on how you were programmed as a child.” - Nick Fransen L.Ac.

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Get ready for an exciting episode as we welcome mental health expert Nick Fransen to the show. In this episode, we'll be exploring four key topics related to mental health and well-being that are sure to pique your interest:"The Ultimate Supplement Stack for Mental Health": Nick will share his insights on the best supplements for improving mental health, and explain how they work to support brain function and promote emotional well-being. How Ashwagandha, Omega-3's, and magnesium can help improve brain function."Unlocking the Power of Homeopathy": We'll delve into the fascinating world of homeopathy, and explore how this alternative approach to medicine can be used to address deeper mental health issues, such as anxiety and trauma."Taking a Holistic Approach to Mental Health": Nick will share his tips for taking a holistic approach to improving mental well-being, and explain how addressing physical pain can be key to healing emotional pain."Nick's Journey to Becoming a Mental Health Expert": Finally, we'll learn more about Nick's personal history and what inspired him to become an expert in mental health. He'll share his own experiences and insights, and give listeners a glimpse into his unique perspective on this important topic.Don't miss out on this informative and engaging conversation with Nick Fransen - tune in to the show to learn more about these fascinating topics!Check Nick's website: privianaturals.com www.derrickhines.comFollow me on social at: